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10/4/2014 c27 Glacier22
I think that is the single most depressing and riveting story I have ever read. Good job.
9/7/2014 c27 Guest
What can I say? The best Criminal Minds fan fiction I have ever read. Thank You!
8/4/2014 c27 15Alas Poor Yorcake
Okaay, that's enough crazy for one day. Maybe I'll just stop now. I'm sure I'll pick things back up in a few days ... or months ... or possibly years, I don't know. Either way, I'm pretty sure I'm never going to look at Reid the same way again. Goodness gracious, you have successfully destroyed my moral compass. Not only that, but my whole compass on reality. Now I kinda want to study Psychology. That's ... really weird. Psychology is not my thing. God ... I'm kind of stuck between feeling generally angry at our society and giving credit where it's due - we're doing the best with what we've got. Whoo. That was really amazing writing, though the concept was a bit ... dark-ish in places for me. Especially the insanity, but I had already expected that. I promise I'm not crazy, but instead stuck turning this story over and over in my mind. How on Earth ... Anyway. Brilliant writing, great story with an even better plot line, though the Trial really pushed a bunch of my buttons - I took a Mock Trial course and it's coming back to bite me with all the fanfictions I'm reading that have trials. I think I'm going to take a break, now.
8/4/2014 c16 Alas Poor Yorcake
I swear, if Reid turns into House, I will personally find where you live, kick down the door, and hug you to death. Ah, I love your writing, and all of the different perspectives you put the story at. I'm watching an episode of Criminal Minds after each chapter and now my mind is thinking up paranoid ways that this story could be a spoiler for what might happen. I really wish it to be so. But it's not. So, all in all, nice writing! Love where you're going with this.
7/15/2014 c27 PuzzledBookie97
Holy shit. I haven't reviewed any fics in a while (for which I'm probably going to Hell), but this was simply too brilliant for me to pass up acknowledging. It was tragic and angsty without crossing the line to melodramatic. I love REID's descent into insanity (which is something that usually immediately turns me off of a fic); it was well written and beautifully planned out.
4/25/2014 c27 1Drop-Everything-And-Reid
I'm very conflicted right now. On one hand that was hands down the best criminal minds story I've ever read. On the other hand I'm now sad and depressed about the ending and reid life after that point and how everybody died. Is there any chance that you would consider writting a sequel in which reid is cured of being crazy and everybody comes back to life and they all live happily ever after? Or like an alternat ending where they all make it out of the fire and reid isn't crazy? Please?
6/27/2013 c27 51Rebecca1
I loved this in a kind of twisted way - it kept me gripped , I'm glad Eva was killed but poor Reid going crazy - and basically everyone but Rossi and Morgan died ... :'(

It really was a great story - glad this isn't actually in the show though :P

Thanks for the epilogue although I was kinda half hoping for the lame 'it was all a dream' ending tbh ;-)

Great job with this - you have a greatly twisted mind ; and you're really good at writing :D
3/22/2013 c16 1I Am A Boss Zefron Poster
Unf. I love this story! I've just started reading Criminal Minds fanfic, in fact, yours is the first one I've properly started reading and I love it!
3/18/2013 c27 Guest
This was really great! Though some explanations would have been nice. But other than that, amazing job!
3/15/2013 c27 10AlienTourist
So...did Reid kill Henry or what? Quite interesting...
3/15/2013 c27 Seletua
wow, totally different; awesome, but got to admit, creepy...nice job
3/15/2013 c27 Sjskjdnska
i much preferred this ending :) i like how you portrayed reid towards the end x
3/15/2013 c27 LaRieNGuBleR
I feel like I wanna laugh and cry at the same time, and I wish I never start reading this story at all. (will they put me in the same place as Spencer?)

Seriously, I NEVER like the court scenes in Laws&Orders. I feel like they are torturing the witnesses or the victims more than giving justice back to them. So yeah, I have no comment about this part in this story, my feeling has already said it all.

I love the ending, even though it was very sad and heartbroken, but it was all I could ask of you to spare Spencer from all the traumas he had been through, from the guilt and sadness that were consuming his heart. Perhaps being insane isn't the bad thing if the reality is too painful to handle. (*sniff)

And it's just like he and Tobias discussed, you can't charge a known madman with the crime he committed. I'm glad (?) that Spencer could find the 'missing' justice in his own way. (I don't like the 'an eye for an eye' idea that much, but it's necessary when bad guy doesn't get what he deserve).

Thank you for the story. I've never crossed fingers and hoped all of what I've been reading are just a dream for many times like I did with this story before. xD
3/14/2013 c27 Marla
I went from being irrationally angry at that cliffy to very pleased. That epilogue was excellent and tied the story together well, and left it just the right amount of ambiguous. Your ending this time was very satisfying, and just improved the story collectively a lot.

While my prior criticism still stands that I think this story could have been more succinct and organised, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, and look forward to reading any fic you write after this. I'm sorry if I was too harsh!
3/14/2013 c27 moonlight fire xx
Really enjoyed the last chapter, and I loved the overall story altogether, well done
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