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for Rukia Kurosaki?

9h c16 Guest
Great chapter! I can't wait for more. Also, toshiro is so sweet by helping Rukia 3
10/4 c16 jobananasan
Byakuya would totally teach Takeshi how to torment Ichigo XD! I love how they seem to have a very good uncle/nephew relationship. Takeshi's such a mama's boy *smirk*.

Glad Rukia and Toshirou got that issue out of the way. I hope we get to see past Rukia using that necklace to get her bankai.

Well thank goodness Urahara will tell past Ichigo what's going on. After all he'll be affected too if things don't work out. I wonder if they'll tell him about Takeshi. It was cute how he knew all those little things about his Rukia *chuckles*. He may not act like it but he really does care about her a lot.

Looking forward to the next chapter. :)
10/4 c16 achalida
I’m really impress how Ichigo know the difference between Rukia in his timeline and another”Rukia”. How will he react when he know that he marry Rukia in the future.
Thank you for updating.
10/4 c16 5Rukes
Ah, ichigo really noticed the smallest things when it comes to rukia lol. I'm really liking the story so far and cant wait to see how it progresses. And yes, toshiro and rukia would be such good friends
10/4 c16 Guest
I have always wanted for Rukia and Toshiro to be friends. I mean they have the same type Zanpaktou it could have been a reason for them to get close or have some sort of connection.
10/2 c15 diah77
oh my, how did he know? (now i want to knoooow)
in my opinion, you stil have your plot, and you got the romance part to, and they got together perfectly, it's just that there are so much things that i thought is still hidden, especially from urahara's part (past and future), so i guess i just have to wait for it to reveal piece by piece and connect it together, right?
oh and my rukia, i want to see her again soooon
thank you for updating, and take care
9/30 c15 Guest
I'm invested in the story! I'm getting excited about what's going to happen next!
9/29 c15 Guest
I think u found the right balance 3. I love these cute moments too! I can't wait for more
9/28 c15 Guest
He knooows ! Please update soon
9/28 c15 achalida
Ohhh… The last paragraph surprised me! Ichigo did notice the differences. And I love the scene at ice-cream shop. It was so warm.
Thank you for updating.
9/28 c15 jobananasan
"My Rukia."-AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! *ugly sobbing* He knows! He knows...I'm guessing her reiatsu is somewhat different...I'm so happy...T_T

But now that he knows it's not his Rukia I'm guessing she'll tell him what's going on just like her past self told future Ichigo. Oh boy...But if he knows what's going on he's going to want to help. The more people who know the more risks to changing the timeline. This is going to be a headache. But on the other hand I'd like to see his reaction when Rukia tells him they got married and have a son *chuckles*.

Glad she's training to get her bankai. Maybe Yoruichi can use that shield thing she used with Ichigo to get his bankai. I do think The Dreamer is manipulating Urahara to get Rukia there when they least expect him to strike. Although Rukia not trusting Urahara is very well deserved and valid.

The ice cream shop owners sound like a very lovely couple. And they even named Takeshi after the guy T_T.

Can't wait for the next update. :)
9/26 c14 achalida
Ohhhhh, Welcome back! I’m glad you’re back right ’s that guy in the end? And call Rukia mother? Thank you and congratulations for coming back.
9/25 c14 jobananasan
AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH! A 2012 IR fic updated? Thank you thank you thank you.

Very interesting so far. I'm pissed at Urahara! Once again he used Rukia for whatever plans he had while keeping her in the dark about it. When both Rukias get back to their correct timeline/dimension I hope they punch him in the face!

Future Ichigo is such a sweetheart to past Rukia. I love what he said to her especially the part where he said he wants past Ichigo to kiss her instead of him.

I thought Urahara was talking about Ichigo destroying Seireitei. Didn't expect it to be Takeshi O_O! Wow...Did he kill Ichigo?

Wait...THE DREAMER IS TAKESHI?! Holy shit what the hell happened? I thought The Dreamer was some kind of partner...A separate entity? Did they merge? Did The Dreamer kill him and became him like how Aaronierro could become whoever he ate? Oh my god...And now he's going to try and kill Rukia? I've got a feeling Urahara knows this and is not telling her for obvious reasons.

Again, thank you for the update. Can't wait for the next. :)
9/25 c14 10Penny1990
When I saw this updated I screamed, because I just re-read it the other day! I hope you get to finish because I’ll be reading!
9/25 c14 diah77
noo, please tell me it's not what i think, uhh sorry, i'm new to this fic, this is the first i read it, so i read it through the whole chapters first, and then comment it now at the end.. please tell me takeshi didn't killed rukia in the past when all of it started, the one that had rukia wake up in the future, i had so much thing to think right now, lol, like why takeshi try to kill rukia, he loves his mom in the future, is it just a pretend, who is the most important woman that dead, at first i thought it was rukia his mother, but he tries to kill her twice (maybe even more), did the 2 years old takeshi is the dreamer/arrancar that birth trough rukia and ichigo, i mean the one that made by hougyoku, i don't think it made sense what i'm talking about, and i just want to know what is exactly happen actually?, please don't connect it to the end of the manga, lol (i mean the theory why they married another people instead), and please continue too.
thanks for the fic and for updating, see you next, and take care
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