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for Two of a Kind But Only One Heart

12/14/2017 c16 ShuLienYu
What can I say, sad, exciting and so many more things that I can not express.
But what I know is that it was a great story. At first I really wanted Pan to stay with Mirai, but later, Trunks knows her always and sometimes an impossible love hurts.
That's why I can not imagine the pain of seeing the woman you love happy with another person, even if that person is your other self.
I loved, love and continue to cry for this end.
Thanks for the writer story.
12/14/2017 c15 ShuLienYu
continued to cry, very exciting the chapter.
12/14/2017 c14 ShuLienYu
You made me cry with this chapter TTTT
12/14/2017 c12 ShuLienYu
Woooo She knows!
12/14/2017 c11 ShuLienYu
I did not know what to do when reading the beginning, because I simply laughed at each phrase as well as to hide my face to each comment.
12/14/2017 c10 ShuLienYu
I already said with Pan he interacts with the Trunks of the present, because he is fascinating as he does.
continued saying poor Pan.
12/14/2017 c9 ShuLienYu
They seem twins those two interacting, although they are both the same person but different times.
Ahhhh poor Pan .
12/14/2017 c8 ShuLienYu
That conversation between the two was so funny.
My Pan so innocent that he does not even notice the change between the two.
12/14/2017 c7 ShuLienYu
Trunks is so smart in wanting to propose that kind of thing to Mirai Trunks.
12/14/2017 c6 ShuLienYu
ahhh how I love how Pan and Trunks interact.
his fights are a charm x3
12/13/2017 c5 ShuLienYu
it is becoming more interesting xD
12/13/2017 c3 ShuLienYu
I love stories with a simple narrative but with a well-developed spelling.
By the way I love your story x3
6/19/2017 c1 Astral Dragon Spirit
I have to say that I am super bummed about the missing chapter. I feel a bit lost by not being able to read it. I did really enjoy a story about Pan and both versions of Trunks though.
8/25/2007 c16 6Kai'sgirl157
wow this was a great story i love how you put pan with Miria trunks it shows that how much you want to believe that you belong to one person but you don't and you belong to someone else this is the best dbz story i have ever read
11/3/2003 c16 31bmrdbgt
BRAVO! BRAVO! ENCORE! I'm gonna read this over and over until I faint! Excellent!
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