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4/6/2019 c8 132Artemis1000
Oh wow, this story is fantastic, I love it!
2/22/2018 c8 17BlackCatNeko999
This is really good. I love it!
2/19/2016 c8 236sarsaparillia
well, dicks. this is the best fic i've read in... a really, really long time. beyond the fact that it's my rarepair otp, this whole fic is just. so well-written, so well-characterized, so GOOD. the plot is coherent and believable and i'm just. wow. yes, please. you done good, son.

now if you'll excuse me, i'm going to head out to read the sequel! :)
5/4/2015 c7 DragonsDeadAndDancing
(Sabriel, by Garth Nix? I haven't read that one of his books, but I thoroughly enjoyed The Keys to the Kingdom.)

A wonderful story. Great style, great descriptions, great characterisations. You make it seem believable, which is the hardest point with all Fenris & Merrill stories (of any kind - friendship, romance, rivalry).

Love it!
10/4/2014 c8 7Zinala
This is most definitely my favorite Merrill/Fenris story. They are so hard to write as a ship because they're so different but you captured it perfectly. You captured their voices individually and weaved a believable story in bringing them together in a way that felt natural. Great job! I really loved it. Words can not express how overjoyed I am to have found this fic!
1/7/2014 c8 17Newsgirl29
That was great and I can't wait to read more so.
8/31/2013 c8 1bengalaas
*sniff* This was beautiful. *sniff* ;D
8/31/2013 c3 bengalaas
What a dark, evil Fenris. As I read, I think there is black tar seeping out from his paragraphs... *shudders*

I really like Merrill in this story. She has changed, and on the other hand she's drawing on the knowledge and skills of her past, when she lived in the wilderness. So it's one part Merrill that we all know, one part Merrill that she was before Kirkwall and one part that she became after. Veeeery interesting :)
8/31/2013 c2 bengalaas
I'm enjoying this immensely! :D
Interesting, what Merrill meant by "She could do a lot of damage even without her staff"? Some mixed fighting style comes to mind, part daggers and part staff-less magic. I think it would look totally badass from Merrill :))
1/28/2013 c4 SummerAngelz
He is probaly going to think shes atacking him
1/28/2013 c2 SummyTheMadBear
Pssst its me... Summer
I must keep my identity a secret. the bloodhounds are after me. I was only able to send this review in a starbucks with their free wifi.

So just listen, when you meet Alsan in the heart of Narnia just tell him that Remmus said hi and that he should stop with the nobilty act...AND MAKE SURE HE DOESNT EAT THE CAKE! LISTEN TO ME THE CAKE IS POISONED WITH THE DRAUGHT OF SLEEPING DEATH!




Yeah, still messed up, Derp
1/28/2013 c1 SummerAngelz
Sup dawg, hows it chillazxing? Naw im just being a dope im the palest girl in my classes (Except for this one anirexic but i wont go into details)

Hello and if you are anything like me and read reviews, i am the very optimistic but dangualy moodswinged girl that drops odd question and comments.

Well sicne i dont know you that well (Scoff) you can call me Summer (Not my real name) and here are a few things about myself

I like the taste of blood (It taste like pennies)
I hate Twilight
the color blue gives me a headache
and dont let me around childern (If i am fond of them, i will have plans to murder their parents and raise them as my own)

Yeah, hope you think im crazy (cause its true!)

So PM SummerAngelz im just not on the account
11/6/2012 c8 6Snoweria
Omg! I love this story so much! You are brilliant! Amazing! I can't wait till you post 'Apostate'! :)))) Are you going to post that -soon to be even more awesome story than this one- by the end of this week? I want more Merrill/Fenris fic soon! :p
11/4/2012 c8 Stateofemergency
So I started reading this last night and I looked it up again for the small chance that you had updated again. You had. And it's been wonderful, I am so looking forward to the sequel. This story has been great. Fenris and Merrill are now officially my OTP.
11/4/2012 c8 45dominicgrim
this was a great story :) Thanks for sharing!
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