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5/27/2017 c64 Guest
Just so you know, your update made my bad day somewhat better. Read the whole thing again just to clear up any confusion.
This is too precious to stop, excited for more of your work. You're amazing!
5/26/2017 c1 spencermalley935
More excellent work. Please do not let this fic die, It's amazing
5/26/2017 c1 5PartyPat22
Not bad, but it could use some more updates on The Steel Plague and Outcasts.
5/24/2017 c64 9ozai37
I was literally just thinking about this story! I'm so glad to see it again and this coup of Azula's is turning out so epic! You did a great job, all it needs is some editing/polishing. Other than that the story itself was amazing.
5/24/2017 c64 Fejstroll
Don't you dare wait this long for the next update! I had given up hope on you, man.

As you said yourself, flashbacks aren't your strongest Chapter, but they are still good. It's fun to see how everything got set up to the way it is in the main story.

Can't wait until next time!
5/24/2017 c64 selima
Wooooooh! So happy about the update, my goodness. I actually like the flashback arc. It shows how the characters ended up where they are now. I wondered what happened to Mai and Ozai since the beginning, so this is very satisfying to read.

Now I'm curious how Ty Lee ended up working for Azula. Did she get brainwashed, too? Because she looked determined to fight against her in this chapter.

As much as I love the background story, I love Korra, Noatak and Tarrlok more, haha. Can't wait to see those three kick ass again.

This update made my month, I had exams to this really cheered me up.
5/23/2017 c64 Azula
thank you soon much I fffeel so ble ssed right now :') ;_; this was wonderful, and continue to update on your own time.
5/23/2017 c64 Gorton
Thank you very much for the update - it's a relief to know this isn't abandoned.
5/23/2017 c64 12Jokermask18
Great to see this again:}
5/23/2017 c64 13FutureShock
This was an intense chapter, and shit hit the fan really quickly. I can't wait for the next update!
5/23/2017 c64 Jozern
Yeah, Deathscythe is back! And with a pretty sweet chapter :) Awesome to see how things are coming to a conclusion. Keep up the great work, shorter chapters might be a good way to keep the creative thoughts moving.
5/23/2017 c64 1Mastermind4892
Nevertheless, it's good to have you back. And what a change you bring with you!

And so, at long last, a tyrant falls... and a worse one rises in his place. We trade one villain for another. We will see nothing but dark skies across the horizon for a long time. But as they say, the night is darkest before the dawn.

The Avatar will rise again.
5/23/2017 c64 1The Elements Lord
The Elements Lord here, I am so glad that your back!
5/23/2017 c64 10splattermusic
Oh my god I'm in the middle of an all-nighter studying for finals then I saw this in my email and I stopped EVERYTHING I was doing to read this! Though it was pretty funny since the title got cut off in my email so all I read was "Rise of the Pho" and I got so confused, like you had a chapter about noodles? Then I realized it probably meant "Phoenix King". Great chapter, I'm so glad you're back!
5/17/2017 c1 selima
I'm about to start reading this for the fourth time and I feel just as excited as when I read it the first time.

Just wanted to show my appreciation for your amazing writing. This story never gets boring.
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