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5/6 c32 WaywardN
Was this something that happened before in the series proper?
10/23/2020 c18 WaywardN
Clearly the zebra is some kind of malign entity
2/26/2018 c50 13Disappearing Pucca
I'm not crying. You are.
2/7/2018 c43 Peppermint Fizz
Aww, I love stories about tiny Candace being a Good Big Sister for baby Phineas. So cute! :)
2/7/2018 c27 Princess Gina
Love me some protective Flynn-Fletcher sibs. :)
10/24/2017 c50 19RanTracer
This was written awhile ago. But it was such a beautiful thing to read! It made me love Candas. It made me love her brothers! It made me love Jeremy! Yet the whole thing was a bundle of their faults.

But really it made me think, about kinds of acceptance. And what easy happiness simply knowing someone can bring. Oh I dunno. I just enjoyed it. Thanks for the story!
9/9/2016 c50 skrt-invisiblereader
all headcanon accepted!
8/29/2016 c11 aneesams
I'm very confused?
4/13/2016 c50 1Owieeey
I love it all that FLUFFYNESS! Great fic.
2/17/2016 c9 DaisySullivan
"Thunder is the sky's heartbeat." I like that. I always knew the saying about thunder being God's snoring, but I've never heard about that one before.

I love these!
2/17/2016 c4 DaisySullivan
Ouch. Go Candace, though!
2/17/2016 c3 DaisySullivan
Poor Candace. :/ I can see how others would think that about her, even if they were completely wrong.
2/17/2016 c2 DaisySullivan
I actually really see that as headcannon; Candace and Phineas sees Lawrence as her real dad, and Ferb sees Linda as his real mom.

I liked this chapter. :) Keep up the good work!
2/17/2016 c1 DaisySullivan
Aww! :D That's so cute!
2/6/2016 c50 6Biancachu
All of these were great! Good job.
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