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for Kathleen Cade

5/28/2018 c2 Gaby.Oruz
Please continue this Fanfiction please I really really like how is going. You are doing a great job lease don't let your fan down
1/1/2018 c2 taylortheeshowpony
ugh i wish this had more longer chapters. the potential
5/20/2017 c2 caroline1802
its really good, i wish you would continue
4/21/2017 c2 Guest
Did you give up? This was a surprisingly good story. Can you keep writing please? Btw this is me nagging you to write. It's a great story that can really get awesome. You seem to be a pretty good writer so I think you should keep writing. You may be dead in which I apologise but if you're not I really like this story.
12/16/2016 c2 darkmist june
this is good plz continue it good you got me hooked
7/11/2015 c2 Raven J. Haile
This seems like and interesting story. I am excited to read more. :3
7/19/2014 c2 Mermaidlover345
11/8/2012 c2 ME
and ya lost me. Update soon! Stay gold
9/16/2012 c1 1ForgottenDreamer98
Yay another Harry Potter/Outsiders story! I love these stories but nobody continues them :( will you continue? I'll keep on reading! Update soon! Please!

9/16/2012 c1 3We Are Unforgetable
Great Job! Keep going plz!

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