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for Victorious at Hogwarts

8/28/2018 c25 Guest
Please do a book 2
8/25/2018 c18 Guest
Did you invent that pig latin? Good I liked and you never know I might be using it soon
8/18/2018 c3 Guest
I love it just how old are the victorious gang in this and are they in Harry Potter's year or the year below?
5/2/2017 c20 153Qoheleth
Dear ponyrellabellasara:

Just thought I should mention: It should be "Harry, why didn't you tell us you were a Parselmouth?" Parcels don't have mouths - at least, not that I'm aware of.

5/1/2017 c25 Razy Riddle
Oh... He's toast... Draco really need to keep shut his mouth before spoken a word if not Jade would probably kill him with sharp scissors or deadly spell
3/9/2015 c3 3TheGirlOfTooManyFandoms
Omg I absolutely love the bit in chapter 3 with the Malfoys! Love Snape's sass too!
11/29/2014 c25 Jade West
Please put more on jade's scissors 'thing' love this! Xoxo-jade
11/27/2013 c16 Badeshipper
Yay I'm reviewing now plz update
11/27/2013 c16 Badeshipper
I like this story alot plz update also nice change with the whole snape is jades dad twist.
8/15/2013 c11 iwrite4you3411
The Bade is adorable! You need to learn what needs to be capitalized though, LIKE SONG TITLES. And you need lessons in commas...anyway...this story is amazing, ok? ok
7/8/2013 c8 Sasha
Good story
5/17/2013 c6 RetardedLlama
"What the devil is going on here?!"- LOL. AVPM quote. xD
3/28/2013 c2 fanfic fan
ok dude love it but there is something called a port key or floo powder remember they are wizards
3/28/2013 c1 fanfic fan
hi amazing start just mabie i dont think u should add jessica so its sticks with victorious
2/5/2013 c3 9muffinpants866
Great chapter!
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