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6/6/2015 c7 18h34rt1lly
That cliffhanger. I thought you promised no more cliffhangers?!

I'm so loving this story so far. I love how much Joker cares for EDI and I always thought they were so adorable. Poor girl trying to navigate through human emotions, lol. It's gonna be fun and amusing to read, I can't wait!

Please update soon! :)
11/21/2014 c7 4FrostByterFang
I am most certainly looking forward to another friend. I must see what will happen! I noticed you are also employing the ships I use whenever I play through the game. :) Garrus and Shepard and Edi and Joker are my thing. Shekarian and Jedi for life!

Anyway, I also implore you to merely extend the length of each chapter and try to employ less archaic vocabulary. Some terms and sentences are predictable for me. (but then again, I practically read dictionaries.) :(

I've enjoyed the fic so far! Its easily one of the best I've seen so far. :D
11/21/2014 c1 FrostByterFang
Now this was an intriguing first chapter. Grammar's good, personalities intact, and a gentle start to a decent fic.

I shall read on. :)
2/7/2014 c1 A Stoner
Don't worry, i'll just sit here, waiting for another chapter to magically appear.
1/11/2014 c7 279Petchricor
Don't mind me, just staring at the chapter count trying to will another to appear
11/13/2013 c7 Sammi
I love this please update soon
11/11/2013 c7 Sammi
This is pretty good, you should make more chapters soon
11/12/2013 c7 Talimancer
pleeeeeaassssse update soon i beg you
11/3/2013 c7 37Delylah
Nice to see another chapter!
8/14/2013 c6 2justlookup
I'm so happy I found this awesome story! I love how spot on you've captured everyone from the game. EDI actually seems to be an AI and not just an extremely awkward person. And Joker still being haunted from the first Normandy really adds more to his character. Great job, I can't wait for an update!

Also the Shepard/Garrus relationship on the side is very cute.
6/11/2013 c6 20Sun-Tsu Toriden
pesky life, always getting in the way...
6/11/2013 c4 Sun-Tsu Toriden
screaming from who I wonder? EDI perhaps? Joker?
6/11/2013 c2 Sun-Tsu Toriden
You're learning Joker, that's good.

because it's not like women are exactly falling over themselves to date you.
6/11/2013 c1 Sun-Tsu Toriden
I've always been fascinated by the workings of a nonorganic mind like EDI or Legion. You have done this spectacularly well in my eyes.
6/11/2013 c6 37Delylah
Argh! How could you leave it here? It's not often I find a good Joker/Edi story, so I'm really enjoying this. Hope Joker realizes she's still there and helps her soon!
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