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for Love Looketh Not on Appearance But on the Heart

2/26/2021 c4 Guest
ack! I'm hooked! aaaa i wish you'd update :( this is so good
8/9/2019 c4 1James423
I really wish you continued this story.
3/4/2018 c4 Guest
Awesome story, cut short too soon in it’s young life. Blessings.
11/13/2016 c2 5Christ Phreake
I am officially a detracting a**hole moron. I probably should have known that you would have watched the anime since you put those things in your profile. If there is any way I can make up for my little outburst of idiotic b****ery; please let me know.
5/16/2015 c2 12The most beautiful of lies
I mean this with all do respect, so please don't take this the wrong way. The chapters were a wee bit to long, and the authors notes took away from the flow of the story... Although, I'm interested now about this - where would I find the anime / manga? I'm very interested!
1/18/2015 c4 8The Keeper of Worlds
This looks like a pretty fun and unique story:)
8/31/2013 c4 Moko tabashia
Good story I hope you continue
8/30/2013 c4 Viking27rower
Please update
I'll be waiting
7/28/2013 c4 2Teddy's Circus
Heyy it's me again. So like we are gonna have to wait a little while for you to update "Rakanma One-Half", I decided to read one of you stories. And I dont regret it! I had a great time reading this. Hahaha my favorite part was when Ranma-chan was having a "civilicized" conversation with Gosunkugi. I love this story. It's so creative. I'm learning from you a lot, cuz' imma writter also.
I hope this story doesnt not end up being the same magna story with just a few changes( i mean cronologically. For example, first Ranma gets to the Tendo house, the Hentai Horde, Kuno, etc. I dont know if I made myself clear, but just to be sure: I dont like reading what i already know.) because it's too good for that. Use your impressive and outstanding creativity to write different plots for the up coming chapters. I will love to read that. Gimme some 'mu-shu' girl! Lol (that was in Rush Hour Part 2) Concerning to the conditions and terms to revoke Hikaru Gosunkugi's voodoo crap, Im definately exited. Lol I wanna see how Ranma deals to get Akane love him AND on top of that MAKING LOVE with him. That will be hilarious, all i have. Anyways, I love how you write, you are amazing, remember that. I'll be waiting your updates anxiously.

Teddy's Circus
3/6/2013 c4 13misao1000
this is a very interesting story. really hope that you continue, with it.
2/19/2013 c4 animefreak 171
oh man this fic is sweet i cant wait 4 the next chapter
10/31/2012 c4 caia-chan
Very interesting! Poor Ranma!
10/22/2012 c4 10cutechibilolita
the more i read the more i love keep it up and i dont agree with the coment that it should end in 2 to 4 chapters so far u have keept it entertaining so just do what u have been doing. this story is amazing but i like how u update every month it lets me have an idea on what ur going to update. :D
10/22/2012 c4 Guest
Can't wait for the next update! I like a lot where the story is going xD Cheers
10/21/2012 c4 Guest
im loving this story so far keep up the good work :)!
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