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1/25/2016 c12 godess bubbles
aww~!I loved it!
11/4/2015 c12 DianaRose1999
OMG I LOVE this story SO MUCH!
7/26/2014 c12 Oriana Star
Aw, this story is so beautiful, tender and cute, i love write very well,i would like you write more stories like this, cordially, fan of this couple, :3
4/15/2014 c12 23Clark Luthor 322
Great story you had me hooked from the very beginning you are a great writer if not the best writer I have seen on this site please keep writing Zack and London story and keep writing in general I really enjoyed this story

Clark Luthor 322
11/5/2013 c10 Guest
not even Bailey or Cody, would use such big words. good story though
11/5/2013 c11 Guest
thats so weird how he knew that his twin was awake
11/5/2013 c10 Guest
well that was dramatic
11/5/2013 c4 Guest
yea right!
11/5/2013 c3 Guest
oh shit
11/5/2013 c2 Guest
hes sooo stupid!
11/5/2013 c1 Guest
damn hes not that much of a loss
11/5/2013 c1 Guest
woah that was heavy and not in the cool way
11/4/2013 c8 Guest
9/27/2013 c12 15HigherSilver
I'm absolutely an enormous Zondon fan, so I was confused as to why I never read this before. And now I have! It wasn't bad. I'll give you my completely honest opinion, with positives and negatives. What do you want to hear first?
Bad news first; I think the problem with the story is that it's poorly conceived. You really wrote yourself in a tight corner in the first chapter by making London randomly confess she loves Zack so soon in the story. You left your plot line with nowhere to go. Let me summarize it right now: London says she loves Zack, Zack realizes he loves London, Zack gets hit by car, London and Zack get happy ending. That's the entire story right there. And the Cailey was so randomly thrown into the story, not integrated at all. Also, London and Zack aren't really in-character. Neither of them ever acted stupid or selfish the way they normally do. Zack would never try to convince himself he was in love with London, or even Maya (in this very episode he protested it the whole time). And London has none of her normal spark. If I wanted, I could insert the names of any pairing into this story and it would work, because none of the characters have real personality to them. And personally, I didn't like how many POV changes you made in every chapter.
Now for good news: You're a great writer! Really, everything about your writing is a great read. You have almost (I spotted that the last line says "ant" instead of "and"!) no typos or grammatical errors, it flows nicely, you have description, right sentence structure, good dialogue. I can really see that in the epilogue. It was romantic and a really nice wrap-up. But it feels like it needs to go on the end of a different story.
All I can say is you should write another story. All you really to do is come up with a thorough plot line BEFORE you write anything. Maybe use a beta or look at other stories for examples too. I love this pairing and would love to see another story from you.
(P.S. Anybody reading this, I have a Zondon related poll I just put up in my profile. Go vote!)
9/23/2013 c1 12BsBLady
Yay! I got a shout out! Woot woot! But I'm so sad that this story is over! Waaaa! This chapter was very well written and very romantic. Since it was the last chapter, I decided to read the story from begining to end, and I must say that I pictured the whole thing as episodes of the show! You really should consider writing for Disney because I'm not too fond of how they write most of their shows. Anyway, well done & I reaaly want you to write another Zondon story soon!
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