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for Rise of Starkiller

5/15/2013 c1 18KtyouVsWriting
Great story, but I was wondering, is Starkiller wearing the Sith Stalker armor or the Dark Lord armor? I'm guessing it's the Sith Stalker armor...
3/5/2013 c2 swemanD47
i love your re-write :D

sandman7734 version was good but yours has so much more details and a more intresting set up with Juno and Kota :)
2/4/2013 c1 5Forcystus5
Really good beginning. Hope you update soon.
2/3/2013 c1 Blake2020
11/10/2012 c1 joe
Sorry My bad I didn't read the note you posted at the top, that this was sandman's story and you were re-writing it but since you posted this 14 days after that note you wrote for sandman I hope that this means he's been doing better. Still send me an email, and I didn't misspell the email address I purposely made that my address. Or you could update this story with a note attached, either way.
11/10/2012 c1 Joe
Hey I your looks good man, not Shakespeare good but better than a lot of stories I have seen, but listen if your the same Judge Royce who is the cousin of the writer Sandman7734, then I was wondering how he's been doing I just sent a review to him hope it helps. My name is Joseph Fotheringham I live in boulder city Nevada. My email address is send me an email if you can.
9/20/2012 c1 Just a Question
Just a Question: 1. how old is starkiller and Juno Eclipse in this story. 2. Is Juno going to be a powerful force user. 3. Later on will he stay a sith be a jedi or be a gray force user you Know isn't jedi or sith insted uses both parts.
please answer next or the one aftre that update.
Thank you
P.S. Hope you cousin feels beter
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