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6/29 c7 1Mageblood
I can't wait to find out what Lina's role in relation the Monster race is. And of course I am dyeing to see what kind of relationship develops between Lina and Gourry. I love your story telling!
5/1/2019 c7 2kyoudaichan
Wow! Please update this! You have done a fantastic job creating the setting and developing the plot. It is still a mystery what exactly is going on and who is behind everything. I feel like this last chapter threw off all the previous guesses that I had for what was going on. It was plenty obvious that Xelloss was seriously involved in whatever is going on. But with the events of chapter 7 there seems to be still so many possible explanations for all the chaotic scheming!

I have always thought that Gourry was much smarter than we give him credit for. Obviously in the Manga and Anime he was one of the main comic reliefs, but at the same time, I always saw there was more going on in his character than what (excuse the extremely overused cliche) "more than meets the eye" with Gourry.

The whole prince role is quite fitting for Gourry in many ways. I like that you allowed for him to be a magic user as well.

One thing that is still hard to wrap my mind around is how his personality changed. I can relate with Lina-I am struggling to adjust, and not sure how I feel about his alterations. He is still Gourry, but in a much more serious, deep way.

Please PLEASE update! : ) Of all the Slayers fanfiction I've read, this is on my list of definite favorites. You have done something different, and creative, while still being able to hold to the original characters personality traits. You seem to have a natural flow in your writing. You really paint a full picture of the scenes going on. One thing that sets you apart from other fics I've read, is how well you have built up the characters you have created. They are just as real and fleshed out as the Lina and the gang. Another unique thing is the story is Lina POV, Gourry central, and the plot seems a bit more complicated than a monster out to destroy the world. Corruption, treason, and assassination attempts are maybe a step 'lower' in a grander scheme of things, but this fic does well in demonstrating how menacing such a turn of events truly is!
9/9/2018 c7 2AriaTheLostMelody
please continue
1/6/2018 c7 Missingwings
Oh man, this is amazing! The political intrigue, the backstabbing and danger, the questions and suspicions and suspense! I love it all so much! And I'm very very curious as the where exactly Sylphiel fits into this. Because I'm positive she's connected to Desdemona and Aella, but that still leaves questions. Is she a copy? Is Aella a copy? Are they twins? Are they secretly the same person? Is Desdemona the one who cast the spell and dropped him off at Sairagg to be misled, or did she find him after the attack and take him to Sairagg to be rescued? I'm so curious and I need answers! Awesome, wonderful, amazing job on this, and I can't wait for next chapter!
12/6/2017 c7 25Alley McNally
Wow this is a really great story. I know that it has taken you a long time to write it, but please do not give up! It is worth it. Even if it is just for yourself. I want to see what happens with Lina. I want to know who exactly Xellos is working with and why. I want to see if Lina and Gourry finally get together. And they better. Or else someone is provably going to throw a Dragon Slave in his direction! Hehe. Please finish the story!
9/20/2017 c7 Aysika
I like this story so much! I hope I'll wait for the outcome ,. It is very interesting to observe the relationship between lin and gauri and intrigue in the palace.
Sorry, English is not my native language
8/10/2017 c7 10Animejunkies'meow
Awesome chapter! A ton of action too. I'm excited for Amelia and Zel to be thrown in be mix.
7/27/2017 c6 Animejunkies'meow
Wow it's great to see an update on this story! I am excited for more. The plot of this is really good.
7/26/2017 c6 LinyBeany
I'm so glad you picked this story up again and I give you major props for being able to pick it up again after such a long hiatus. I love all the mystery and suspense you've put into this story so far while still keeping a good amount of comedy (which lightens the tension). Your spin on Gourry is quite intriguing and presents a unique challenge for them to overcome. I'm totally rooting for them to get through this victorious but no matter what I'm curious to see where you take this story.
7/25/2017 c6 15Anna Nimmie Tee
Very glad you resumed this. The mystery behind the poisoner(s?) is intriguing as is the situation with Aelia.
7/24/2017 c6 kitsune2477
I really love this story here's hoping you update again soon :D
7/14/2017 c5 Kai
Not sure what the odds of you seeing this review are, but wow, I would love to know what you had planned for the ending (if you aren't going to finish the story). It was really amazing (absolutely love your characterization) and I'd love to know where it was going to go (just to have satisfactory ending, I guess)! Gourry not being a jelly-fish for brain anymore feels very odd, however, haha. Nicely pulled it off. I like to think it was going to be a -happy- Lina/Gourry ending at the very least! Thank you for sharing those chapters.
5/10/2015 c5 1Mageblood
I love this story, it one of the best I have red in awhile. Please update this wonderful creation!
5/4/2015 c5 Komnenid
this fic is so awesome You should continue with it
9/29/2013 c5 1Nightime Necklace
Oooh, this is quite intriguing! I love it so far! However, I have a word of advice. Sometimes, some of the paragraphs seem very large. Maybe shortening some would help? I'm really sorry if you're offended by this I mean no offense! Okay, I'll go now. Bye!
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