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for Ronnie's other daughter

1/1/2013 c10 Guest
I was liking this fic until i got to chapter 10 but now it's seemingly starting to stink and go downhill for Ronnie. Ronnie is not being a very good mom in Chapter 10. Ronnie needs a happy ending; such as a happy and prosperous ending for her as a mom and with another man other than Jack, the man that has a baby with her sister. For godsake doesn't anyone see this as just nasty having a intimate relationship with a man that has had sex with her sister and to top things off he has a baby with her sister. Ronnie has had enough sad and gloomy storylines. Give her a more affectionate and loving relationship with her daughter and then slowly introduce a very propserous and wealthy businessman, doctor or lawyer into her life as her new love interest. Ronnie deserves and needs a Happy Storyline.
12/31/2012 c10 Guest
I'm sick and tired of reading fics about Ronnie being in a relationship with Jack. I mean for god sake Jack have a baby with her sister. Why can't Ronnie for once in one of these fics have a very loving and prosperous relatioship with a Lawyer or a Doctor or a Business man and why can't Ronnie be portrayed as a very affectionate and loving mother with Lexi. Please do not allow this fic to become another story about Ronnie being in a relationship with Jack nor about her showing little or no motherly affection and love for Lexi. Try to portray and show Ronnie differently than just a woman who can't find no other man besides Jack.

12/20/2012 c1 Guest
like please continue. I am hoping for a happy ending for Ronnie and Lexi. No more sad and dreary storylines for Ronnie.
12/9/2012 c8 11Evapopefan56
Another brilliant update i'm hooked on this story please update soon xxxx
11/29/2012 c7 Evapopefan56
i absoloutly love this,it's like th 5th time i've read it now and i still don't get bored you're a fantastic writer and have a genuine talent for English really hope you update soon hun xxxxx
11/20/2012 c1 Evapopefan56
i love this story alltogether really intresting and you know how to keep us hooked throughout please update asap xx
11/14/2012 c7 2Gillian Kearney Fan
I enjoyed this chapter.
10/27/2012 c5 Gillian Kearney Fan
I enjoyed this.
10/18/2012 c3 Gillian Kearney Fan
I enjoyed this. Lexi shouldn't lie to her mum as Ronnie only wants the best for her. Ronnie should book them a hoilday together
9/26/2012 c2 musiclover1599
Love it :) please update soon :)
9/24/2012 c2 carly field
hope ronnie can keep Lexi. can't wait to read more
9/24/2012 c2 Gillian Kearney Fan
Lexi is really cute. Found it cute that Lexi was embrassed about telling her Mum that she needed a bra.
9/22/2012 c1 AnnaM87
Oooh great start!
Poor Lexi though!
Cant wait to see whats gonna happen next :)
Please update again soooon
9/19/2012 c1 carly field
loved it ronnie should have a baby
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