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for Loved You Then, Love You Now

11/28/2017 c9 pay
wow this is pretty shit ngl
11/6/2017 c9 1BabyBlueBlur15
It would be nice if this story was finished!
12/8/2014 c9 5Autumn Prower697
what the hell is this I though this wasn't going to become a Shadamy story that's just not cool she's meant to kiss Sonic and he asked her and she said yes you say yes to a date you don't kiss another guy especially when you just told the one you said yes to that you deftly was not flirting that's not cool Amy but other then that its a good story I feel so bad for Sonic he's in love with her and she just -_-
9/6/2014 c9 Jk1ra
Ohhhhh! Amy amy amy...poor sonic...pls continue!
9/6/2014 c7 Jk1ra
This is my opinion...,shadow is not emo he's just quite dark and mysterious...that's my opinion of Shadow
9/6/2014 c2 Jk1ra
Wow Amy you got it bad!
7/20/2013 c9 7Hedgie Hanyou
Awe poor Sonic. Curse you ShadAmy. Well not really. But it was sad. I feel bad for Sonic. My heart broke in two when I read that part. Sonic should've stayed with Amy and that mess wouldn't have happened. But I hope SonAmy will come up soon.

7/9/2013 c9 pie is frend 2
.x. honestly I really hate shadamy. U promised nwo shadamy story. SonAmy forever.
Rainbow llamas? Whatabout Rainbow random PIE .3. But i want sonamy.
4/28/2013 c9 1Sonadilver1404
Oooo, Amy fucked up big time!O_o can't wait till the next!
3/24/2013 c9 ellie0wicklow
Ohhh, the plot thickens! Again! Great chapter; you definately ramped up the tension at the end. I mean, the love triangle was inevitable, but the cliffhanger ending still surprised me. Hats full of tofu muffins off to you! (Hand over those llamas, sistah.) - Sierra :)
3/20/2013 c7 ninathesonamyfan
You are really the best haven't felt this excited in a while wow. Remember be you if others don't like it it doesn't matter you could be doing this for you.
3/19/2013 c9 17starrysunsets
RAINBOW LLAMAS! 8D Is it bad that I laughed at Sonic evilly? GO SHADAMY! *fistpump* Woo!
3/19/2013 c9 20Midnight Alexis Thorn
Poor Sonic :'(. But go shadamy!
3/19/2013 c9 28Savvy0417
Oh yeah! Go shadmy and I love the kiss!
3/19/2013 c9 This account is dead yo
Amazing story. Pretty good so far. Rainbow llamas? Cool!
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