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for Coming of the Ancients

5/29/2019 c7 SirMaou
please be alive and continue this.
5/4/2019 c7 laughingfox31
Please update. It's really good.
3/25/2019 c1 Guest
Humanity if I recall didn't withhold the information on the Flood it was simply ignored by the Forrunners. We didn't while they knew of the Parasite we couldn't warn the planets we had to cleanse because that would induce a panic leading to many people fleeing while still being infected. The Forrunners ignored our problems until it became theirs because of the isolationist policy we all basically upheld. Think of them as the US at the beginning of WW1 where we didn't want to go to war inorder to maintain our own sovereignty.
5/14/2018 c7 brnmac560
I prefer the longer ones. Are you planning on starting this story again? I haven't been able to find anything like it. This is an awesome story and I love how you tied all the histories together. So are the precursors going to be broken down into a spore and become the flood or will they be the Leviathans from ME or something else?
12/10/2017 c7 Guest
god knowing that humans are practically the galaxy's uber race is probably killing saren...
10/18/2017 c7 Guest
Wow. This is really good. A shame it's not been continued in a while. How would the events of ME1 happen with these more advanced factions present? Would Saren even stand a chance?
4/5/2017 c7 8Ghost of Los Angeles
You should update this it's excellent
7/17/2016 c7 FORGEMaster
I really liked this story even after reading it all the way through with little in the way for breaks. I would really like to see it return, if you decide to start again.
6/18/2016 c7 Jfitzgerald
Please update again soon. Thanks.
3/31/2016 c3 airmailmrcool
The story is good and creative though you're dialogue needs a LOT of work. None of your characters are speaking in a very believable fashion. If you find it hard to do properly, spend time with a friend rehearsing the lines, be 'in character'. You are also not spending enough time building characters and exploring each one's respective plot, for a story with as broad of a scope as this you cannot cram the same amount of story time in the same amount of chapters as a single perspective story. Overall though, good work, thank you for sharing your creativity with the rest of the world. :)
3/25/2016 c7 alexthom1
Please continue this mate
2/6/2016 c7 FYAT
Dude you gotta update this. It is the best crossover i have ever read man. It will get so many hits if u update man so keep up this legendary fic please for the love of TALO'S.
1/15/2016 c7 3The Mexican Taco Overlord
I hope you are not dead :p because it has been a hole year no not a year! 2 year since you updated! I hope that you are in good health and are able to continue this :3
11/18/2015 c7 Guest
10/29/2015 c4 Nagato wannabe
cant wait to read more
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