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10/29/2015 c2 Nagato wannabe
what the hell happened to the alliance between the great prehistoric civilizations?
10/28/2015 c1 Nagato wannabe
wow this is the first Halo fanfic i've read that is based on this time period. Awesome! Can't wait to read more
8/18/2015 c7 jaredriscool
Great story

Also forerunners, humans and the Shan shyyn ( I don't know how to spell their names) are brother species, children of the precursors
8/14/2015 c4 BottomKek
Dat Forerunner&Ancient Human romance lel (insert lenny face here)
7/23/2015 c7 Guest
If they're making an ME 4, then it should either reboot the whole series or ignore the existence of ME 3 and just be a sequel to ME 2. Perhaps it could be a different type of game where you play as either the Leviathans or the Protheans.
I looked it up: they're doing some #*/y sequel to ME 3.
7/2/2015 c6 9Xel Naga 00
Algún pronóstico si continuará la historia?

A forecast whether it will continue the story?
6/14/2015 c7 Xel Naga 00
2/2/2015 c7 Arthorius
Reading this interesting storyline again.. Notice has not been updated since last year. Removing this storyline from alert list.. Shame, it appears to be dead.
11/9/2014 c7 Guest
7/23/2014 c4 6Sightbent
Another good chapter.
7/23/2014 c3 Sightbent
Quite the shifting battle in this chapter.
Pretty good story so far, I look forward to reading on.
2/1/2014 c7 tony-award
One word for this story EPIC!

I have read a lot of stories in the Halo fanfiction and this is by far the most unique story I have ever read, there are so few fanfics that use the "the Imperium" faction from Halo and even then it is even rarer to find a story that is done right and engaging to read.

It is incredible story to read and I am only sad that I have reached the end of the chapter and their is no more left to read. Please keep going and wish you the best of luck in completing this story.

The only suggestion I can think of is to make the chapters slightly shorter (e.g. half?); the chapters you post are huge and for me it makes it difficult to read without taking a break every once in a while to avoid straining my eyes.
I also think shorter chapters will mean quicker updates rather than the long waits you mention in the update section of each chapter.

Thanks again for the story and I will now wait for the next one.
1/23/2014 c7 12Drow79
I personally prefer the longer chapters.
1/14/2014 c7 Celis
Enjoyed it, and if you take a long time to update chapters then i prefer long ones! :]
1/11/2014 c7 1SpecH82T
Nice chapter! waiting for the next one! :)
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