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4h c1915 I love Janto
Well they are good for most beings.
Lets hope she eats it.
10/28 c1914 6SciFiGirl88
Lol I'm guessing Ianto found out the hard way by injury and dying
10/28 c1914 I love Janto
With their lives, sometimes they do need the sugar.
10/27 c1913 I love Janto
Maybe the twins would be a good influence of their friends.
The Fluffets sure are.

This is what they will be eating when they come over.
10/25 c1912 I love Janto
That it does. Tosh and Ianto needs time to fix this.

Ianto will hold Jack until he calms down.
10/24 c1911 I love Janto
Owen does need to learn, and was able to help.
Flirting extra.

Don't worry Owen, Ianto will make you write it all down.
10/24 c1911 SciFiGirl88
Lol I can imagine Jack's huge grin and Owen's discomfort! Another brilliant drabble!
10/21 c1910 I love Janto
Ianto the meanie. I wonder who was pressing buttons?
Jack needs to keep quite sometimes.
10/20 c1909 SciFiGirl88
I'm with Jack on this one! I hate Calamari (but my husband loves it)
10/20 c1909 I love Janto
Well there is one thing, Ianto will not be eating that again.
10/18 c1908 SciFiGirl88
Lovely drabble. Must be strange but comforting for Ianto
10/18 c1908 I love Janto
It has been quite a ling time. Things change.
it is good that Ianto's home was still there.
10/17 c1907 I love Janto
Tosh had three good years there. To recover from what happened.
Now for all new things.
10/14 c1906 SciFiGirl88
lol go Ianto! Never judge an artefact by its looks!
10/14 c1906 I love Janto
There would always be a few duds in every group.
Keep them out of the archives. One of these will touch the wrong thing.
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