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for A Wild Horse in Equestria

3/7 c3 GuestD
When will there be more to the story I want to know what happens next.
12/19/2017 c3 Battlesny
he should be happy it took 'that' long for the attraction part of his curse to happen. lol
10/12/2017 c3 GPX-2013
Please continue this one too. I wonder how would the rest of Twilight's friends react to see Ranma transform into a girl, especially Rarity.
1/15/2017 c3 James Birdsong
Good tale
2/15/2016 c3 Ranmaleopard
This is just really awesome I can't wait for more
8/5/2015 c3 Guest
swiming with sharks is proberly from dragon ball but i would not put it pass ranma's father to use that ideal
7/9/2015 c3 Guest
Oh my goodness I hope you update this soon this was Funny! This is an interesting story I cant wait to see what happens next.
2/18/2015 c3 8Veedramon
So, Twilight does not believe in curses, uh?
2/18/2015 c2 Veedramon
What would poison joke do to Ranma?
2/18/2015 c1 Veedramon
6/30/2014 c3 3Hiryo
Thanks for updating
6/5/2014 c3 2pensuka
i wonder how the rest react learning of the curse and i wonder how they react learning ranma's fear due to the neko-ken
5/5/2014 c3 Guest
Nice story. Had me laughing a lot. Plz write another chapter.
5/4/2014 c3 22Narsil
Good to see this continued, a lot of fun. And yeah, the usual response to stories of Genma's "training." There's a good reason it was a training journey, and it wasn't just because Genma's grabby ways always had them moving on.
5/1/2014 c3 reykan
Great stuff. Saw it on fimfic, had to wait till it was here to comment. I love ranma, have for several years, and MLP has an interesting fan-base, so crosses of the two are always welcome. One thing you could get away with, if you're having time pass in Nerima, is have Ryoga show up, since he teleports or whatever. Maybe start the chapter with the locals refusing to believe the things he does daily. Ryoga would be his living proof.
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