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7/12/2014 c18 2Chana Banana
YO. Sorry for the late review ;-; Got pretty busy. Anywhore! Better late than never. And holy shit. Talk about a worth while wait. But being a critic. I have some things I really didn't like. For one. Calling him "The Blonde" just doesn't work for me. Haha. It just seems so... odd. Keep it or get rid of it, I just feel as though that this bad ass mofo can't be called "The blonde" but. He's your character, not mine. Secondly, question. Was this written at intervals? Because I felt rather lost at times and I feel that you broke away from the main thought. You quickly built up a new thought ,which was excellent writing. You're getting better every time but you try to hard and force the writing. Just let it flow and try to write a story at a time. Other than this. It was amazing 9 dildos out of 10 dildos. To a slut, thats amazing. To you. It's still amazing! Now what I loved. The different types of quincy powers and how that changes the color. It felt like ii was watching a bleach episode. Which I felt was crazy. The jeagar (wrong spelling I'm sorry) actually feels scary. I actually felt tense when reading about it. And that hasn't happened since skulduggery pleasant. Well done on that. That's all I have to say. Your OCs have unique personalities. And that's really tough to do. Especially in the creative world of today. I think this was a meaty review for a meaty story. Keep up the good work, black magic. And with that I shall take my leave. Remember don't listen to crap music! ROCK ON AND PROSPER! Rock_Warrior_24 out...
5/3/2014 c18 1ObsidianDominionDragon
Wow. I loved this chapter! Can't wait for the next one and for my characters to come in. Great work as always and awesome cliffy. Very dramatic.
4/2/2014 c17 ObsidianDominionDragon
Hey! Awesome chapter! I has a question though...perhaps my Oc's Dominique and Shiva can enter the story at some point. That would be awesome if they could. If you don't want to though I completely understand. And I plan to have the next chapter of my story up soon as well. Until the next review then.
12/14/2013 c11 58Maymist
Yay! The start of a fruitful arc XD YAY!
Wow! Great chapter! Gotta love the suspenseeeeeeeeeeeeeee
I seriously love your descriptions of things and just this story and GAH!
I was reading this with my friend and they said this is amazing! xD :D
I just got home from their house lol and this chapter made my day haha
Haha :3
Great job!
12/10/2013 c10 Maymist
I think my mind is overloading from reading so much EPICNESS!
The flashbacks were wonderful
and your writing is phenomenal as always!
Love, love, Looooooooooooooove, LOVE it! Seriously.
So awesome! lol
Thanks so much for writing!
Epic, epic chapter! :3 x3
12/7/2013 c9 Maymist
I really love Hinamori in this!
I love how you described her thoughts and feelings.
Same with all the other characters! (:
I felt so sad for her in the beginning though, having to see him hurt like that. :(
Anyways, wow, just wow!
Another spectacular chapter as always! :3
Love this to pieces!
You're such a great writer :3
Excellent! X3
I was feeling sick but then I read this and now I feel so much better!
Thank you (:
I'll read the next chapter when I can
Thanks for writing!
12/3/2013 c8 Maymist
I, oh my GOSH, LOVE, LOVE the ending!
"Not moving. Not blinking. Not breathing."
Gosh, I loooooooooooooove that line! Yes, I'm a weirdo! XD
I just woke up and this is the first thing I did when I woke up today: I read you story at like, 7 AM in the morning
xD It's so good hahaha
This story is like my addiction!lol
Wonderfully written as always and love, love the dialogue as ALWAYS.
I shall now go back to sleep because I'm really sleepy because I went to bed at 3 last night and I had trouble sleep but I shall read the next chapter later on! So no worries!:D
Thanks for the awesome story!
12/1/2013 c7 Maymist
Such fantastic writing as always! :D
I could pretty much picture everything perfectly!:3
XD I love this story!
This story oozes with badass-ery! XD
Um, wonderful job as always!
Really love the characters and the action scenes!
This story is soooo good that I couldn't even put it down at my friend's house and she likes it!:D
11/30/2013 c6 Maymist
OOH love the ending!Haha!
Gosh, I LOVE the dialogue in this!
It's just so amazing and clever and witty and just AMAZING!
Spectacular job!
Gah, the suspense! xD Hahaha!
Another wonderful chapter!
It's amazing as always, which is no surprise!
Good job!:3
11/29/2013 c5 Maymist
I really like the captain's attitude in this!lol
This is such an amazing story. Seriously. It is.
You should be really proud! It's awesome and well-written and so discriptive and I really enjoy all the characters in this and all the amazing badass fighting scenes! Just amazing! Spectacular! I love this!
Great job as always!
I want to read more but I'm so sleepy. X_x I'll read more tomorrow though!:D
Amazing job!
11/29/2013 c4 Maymist
I'm really enjoying Souichiro's and I love your description on his past.
I also loved how you described him falling through the dark abyss and the feelings he was feeling. lol Try saying that out loud, it's fun! xD (the feelings he was feeling)
And nice ending! It's a good touch! (:
I really like the old guy xD hahaha
Well I shall read the next chapter now!(:
Great job as always! :D Love it!
11/29/2013 c3 Maymist
This is so nicely written and I loved this chapter!
I loved how your described their training sequence/fight!
I also love the title of this chapter "Bloodlines"
That's a fun word to say XD
I don't know I'm weird xD hahaha lol
11/29/2013 c2 Maymist
An another spectacular chapter!(:
I love how you describe things in this chapter; beautifully written as I said before! ;D
XD I really like this old dude. I hope he makes Souichiro even stronger. (:
I also loved how you described his pain and him having a counting fit haha.
I also really like Byakuya! xD sounds like a badass x3
Well, onwards with the next chapter.
Good job!
11/29/2013 c1 Maymist
Beautifully written.
I love, LOVE the dialogue in this.
You've described the fighting scenes very well and I felt like I was watching the show. (: Haha
Although, I've only watched two episodes of Bleach (xD), so I'm a little lost, but this story is intriguing. (:
I really like Souichiro's character and from reading the description, he sounds really badass looking xD Haha
Thanks so much for writing this! :D
11/24/2013 c17 2Chana Banana
FINALLY! Spent like 10 minutes trying to log on as me! Anywhore... First thing I thought when I read the chapter was "I have no memory of this..." But it slowly came back... Slowly... Like a drunk snail on tar •-•... The next thing is that flash back part with Siegfriend. Was totally epic. It felt like a movie scene. And. Sounded a lot like my writing style. Everything about it was just... Amazing. I loved it. Could feel his pain and frustration. Amazing chapter. But I thought "and then?" After I was done. Bring the next. Or I will find you. And I will give you the look O-O you don't want that... Btw. I lol'd at the "infamous red reitsu" (inFamous reference perhaps?) Anywhore. Keep up the amazing work. Love it. Especially the last part. And yes. It was over due... Rock on and Prosper!
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