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for The Cost of This Job

9/5 c12 13KalliopeKore
I know you wrote this a long time ago, but I just found it and am really glad I did. The story had the right amount of tension and angst and kept a darkness around it without it ever being too uncomfortable to read. Really entertaining. Thanks for sharing.
4/27/2019 c12 typroctor-ewaguy
This was excellent fireball. Not everyone can do what you do and I thank for this wonderful story.
4/13/2018 c12 Guest
See just another kensi story thinl i understand now all densi fans are actually just Kensi fans tyats why all the stories are focused on her abd her getting hurt and playing victim
4/13/2018 c2 Guest
This is probably gonna be all about kensi and its probably gonna be her getting hurt lile all other ncis la fanfics
9/24/2016 c12 11Desirable Secrets
Thank you for sharing, I was really worried for a minute that their relationship was ruined but they pulled through. Wonderful story and lovely writing, keep up the good work.
7/21/2015 c12 TheElephantInYourRoom
That was my mom's favorite quote. Before she died, every time something difficult happened she'd tell me that... I kinda miss it... Loved the story.
5/5/2015 c12 RhondaLara
7/9/2014 c12 dawnpritchard66
What a great story .
I really enjoyed it
Lovely ending x
12/27/2013 c12 11nooni19
Really good ending to a really good fic. I liked the relationship between Kensi and Deeks, really awesome.
12/27/2013 c8 nooni19
This was a really ngood update!
12/27/2013 c5 nooni19
I feek sorry for everyone listening. I like the dynamics of this story so far.
12/27/2013 c3 nooni19
Oh no.! Intense!
12/27/2013 c1 nooni19
Wow great first chapter
12/5/2013 c12 6BelikovaBabe
8/5/2013 c1 blue dogs rock
wonder what TROUBLE he is going to encounter now
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