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for The Cost of This Job

9/25/2012 c5 Guest
Vance has two young daughters, I don't think he would ever order someone to rape their co-worker. We've seen how uncomfortable he can be when things get personal. By personal, I mean things affecting his family (wife and kids and/or his NCIS family).
9/27/2012 c7 1pallysAramisRios
Deeks is in soo much trouble right now its not even funny. Sam or Callen see him frist before he can explian what happned they'll beat him hummmm that would be intresting to see and have kensi have to stop them?
9/26/2012 c7 7That Aussie Gurl
Glad Kensi got saved! But poor Deeks! He is going to get a hammering from her overprotective brothers! :/

Can't wait for the next update! :D x
9/24/2012 c5 Pastrychick426
I seems like your brain went faster than your fingers could type. Might want to go back and edit this so the missing words are added and the added words are removed. example: The last paragraph.

But wow! what a topic to cover. Well done on how they all might and would probably react.
9/24/2012 c5 Guest
Love it¡ update soon it's so amazing¡ :D
9/25/2012 c6 1pallysAramisRios
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh noooooooooooooooooooo! tell me Deeks said the distress word somehow!
9/25/2012 c6 13Kadiedid
Oh no! I hope it works out and they can forget the ugliness! Maybe when the case is over Deeks needs to show her how loving and gentle he can be? How he really feels about her? Hint hint! :) LOL!
9/25/2012 c6 Takoh
Omg. Omg. Please update soon. I don't think I can stand not knowing. Please.
9/25/2012 c6 7That Aussie Gurl
Oh My Gosh, Oh My Gosh, Oh My Gosh! Please tell me she is safe and doesn't die and burn! Please! Please! Oh My Gosh, please! Please , if she stays unconscious, please let the team save her! Please!
Okay, im gunna let you be now... Haha! ;) Awesome chapter! Please update soon! :D x
9/23/2012 c4 Guest
Great story and characterization of Deeks/Kensi and the rest of the team. Can't wait for you to keep going! Thanks for writing.
9/23/2012 c3 Guest
wow¡ I really want you to update soon this story is so perfect¡ please update soon¡
9/24/2012 c5 That Aussie Gurl
Another awesome chapter! Please update soon! This is getting interesting (with the reactions I mean, what is happening to Kensi is horrible and I am so glad Deeks is faking!) i can't wait to see what happens next! :) x
9/24/2012 c1 9fireball13
Thank you all for your support and for liking the story. I try by best for daily updates. Chapter 6 should be posted tomorrow!
9/24/2012 c5 3MyGuardianDemon
Please please continue, i would love to see the effects this has on the team, mostly Kensi and Deeks' partnership-relationship-thing ... please update soon
9/24/2012 c5 1pallysAramisRios
can almost imagine them seeing them all doing this Sam doing a slow boil and Callen his blood pressure already popped and soon as Deeks is alone somewhere he's going to be in for one hell of fight
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