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3/20/2020 c32 Captain Rexy
Im sad to say this but These Fiction looks dead so *graps Imperius * he is my now
3/20/2020 c32 Captain Rexy
Im sad to say this but These Fiction looks dead so *graps Imperius*he is my now
1/26/2020 c33 Captain Rexy
Love your Story Continue it Please sry for mistakes im a German guy so my english is nad ps i have gives die a abo on your YouTube Chanel
1/25/2020 c35 Captain Rexy
Love your Story nur vier chapter 35 Stands chapter 34 Please write this Story to end Please Please
11/2/2019 c35 AnnoyingSquishy1.o
I. Love. This. Book.

I've been reading this book, since it was first published by you. And it's just, amazing. Beautifully written. It's amazing. The reactions between everyone is amazing. The tension. The confusion. Urgh, I'm a sucker for it. I can't wait to see how things develop further with Lendial and Imperious. And with Malthael to.

I know you have a life outside of this story. And you do things that are imo doesn't, but I hope you update soon. I really wanna see more chapters. By the way, did I mention how much I LOVE this story?
6/1/2019 c35 IDunnoWhyIRead
Will this story continue? It looks, all things considered, pretty dead. Personally, I love the tension between Tyrial and everyone else. Though, to be honest, Aurial and Itherial just need to fuck already, just saying.
5/2/2019 c35 Jinn
I really like this fanfic but I am concerned that chapters don't come out,you will continue to write or not?
1/3/2019 c1 N
When will you update? I’ve read your story for a very long time and the sudden stop in chapters was really surprising. Plssss update soon
11/15/2018 c35 KaraNightshadow

First of all, my native language is not english...so if I'm making mistakes, I'm sorry!

I want you to know that you are an amazing writer! I'm actually following your story almost from the beginning, and I think, this is the best fanfiction I've ever read. Your characterization, your storytelling, the description of the environments and what the characters think/feel...it's just perfect. And I really like that you've been able to keep the canon characters (Imperius, Malthael, Auriel, etc.) personality AND add your thoughts without changing them too much. It feels like I'm actually reading a Diablo book, for example Storm of Light. (btw, I'm a hardcore Diablo fan, I have almost every book/game from the franchise xD)

I must admit, I'm a little sad, that you didn't update for almost half a year, but I also understand, that you have a real life you must attend to, so it is really not my business... but I hope, you are alright and didn't happen something serious to you and this long gap between updates is just a writer's block. :)

So please, keep up this amazing work! And you can count on us, your fans will always be here for you! :D

(p.s.: Did you know that in the Halls of Valor, Imperius keeps demon/monster head trophies? It's so awesome and disturbing at the same time! And the angels prison, the Fist is more terrifying than the demons prison?)

Best regards,
10/25/2018 c35 1animelover208
I never played Diablo once in my life, until recent and I fell in love with it and fell in love with imperius even if he hates humans LOL, But I have been looking for stories with him in them So i'm glad I found this and hope you keep it going I love this so much But even if you dont that's fine I'm just glad there is aleast something for him and will keep rereading this story
9/30/2018 c35 SnowWhiteAbyss
I forgot that the first PM and the first line of the second is also relevant.
9/30/2018 c35 SnowWhiteAbyss
I've finally caught up, the chapters of course were all interesting and exciting reads, I just have yet to read the reviews like I usually do. although the one I have just managed to look at was the "what if" scenario concerning Malthael, it would be an interesting read should you have time and decide to take up such a project.

I've of course sent a PM to you only the last 4(?) messages are relevant, the others are old or thoughts that have been changed/added onto.
9/16/2018 c15 DiabloandWoWforl
I was wondering how old Andarius is
9/3/2018 c1 66Ifi
Veri n1c304Kst0rilP
8/28/2018 c34 3Reaper1024
The imperius pov ... I am weak. XD I loved this chapter so much. I am eating it all up. I am also curious about the evil female angel in the past chapter or two. She seemed ... intriguing. I am looking forward to seeing more of her later.
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