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for The Tenderness of Wolves

9/2/2017 c4 Rohan Cedrice
OMG. This Fic!
6/14/2017 c4 Dunyazade101
omg this is great and terrifying and i love the way you written Arya. The way she talks about her mask and the burning hatred she feels when shes Arya man its so chilling. Please update this i am seriously in love with your writing
2/5/2016 c4 Guest
Good! Update soon! :)
7/19/2015 c4 21themirrorminder.372259
An upcoming Arya and Jon reunion? I hope so! Can't wait to read the next update, please post the next chapter soon! :D
7/19/2015 c3 themirrorminder.372259
Again, LOVED this chapter and love how you write Sansa as her own knight in shining armour :D Cannot wait to read what happens next to her, and what happens when Baelish finds out what she has been up to !
7/19/2015 c2 themirrorminder.372259
Beautiful! Absolutely wonderfully written - I can't wait to see the Dany and Arya meeting!
7/19/2015 c1 themirrorminder.372259
WOW - absolutely LOVE your version of Sansa! She went from being one of my least favourite characters to one of my favourites simply by reading some of the awesome fanfics about her on here (like this one)! Awesome job :D ! Can't wait to see Arya!
6/14/2015 c4 1Manoella Nascimento
I really like your way of writing and your story. I have always felt that people didn't give Sansa enough credit and I love how you portray her. Hope to read more soon!
4/19/2015 c4 1Beloved Daughter
I can only hope that you will update this story sometime! It's absolutely brilliant!
1/23/2015 c4 pachi-chan
this story gives me life, and feels (stark feels), and sorrow and everything... I absolutely love it
1/14/2015 c3 tsevca
You suprise me. Sometimes I feel something is wrong, but you turn it around. Very refreshing. I would ask you to explain me more why would Robert be safer outside the Eyrie? Castle than cant be conquered, more or less. Maybe you have some thought that havent occur to me.
1/13/2015 c2 tsevca
After the last chapter, I was kind of dissapointed by the "no one cant know anyone" paradox. If it was that way, what about the part with meeting of faceless men? But you didnt make the mistake most people do, thinking the House of Black and White will break Arya. Those people underrestimate Arya and dont read books well. So bonus points for that.
9/29/2014 c1 Damon Snow
8/21/2014 c4 imawhatever
Goddess save me from girls who run with wolves and have a steel edge with blades for tongues. I love this, I love this, I love this and I can not wait for Arya to make it to Dany
8/18/2014 c4 5Lady-Silvanas
the story is very good, one of the few I like where both sisters are story in their own way, but I kinda got confuse with this chapter. Is Arya still fighting her inner demons, I just thought the interactions with her on the ship is kinda unecessary. It seems more like a filler than anything until she makes her way to the Dragons. But overall I like the tone you set up and the characterization of Sansa. This is perhaps one of the few story where I like Sansa taking on the role of a strong woman.
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