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4/18 c4 Matt
I don't believe you've ever actually seen Doctor Who. You've certainly missed a lot of episodes if you have watched it. Darleks? They're DALEKS! There's no R in their name. And the Doctor's name is not Gelmir. Never has been, never will be.
4/3 c7 2Grubby92
This is so sweet. I loved Amy in this but as far as I am aware the Doctor is called Theta, I could be completely wrong though so sorry for wasting your time if I am wrong.
3/11 c7 The Punmaster
This is the cutest thing I could possibly read without physically squealing. Thank you for writing it.
1/2 c7 Meganrae1234
I completely adore this story! I wish there was more so we could read about Harry becoming pregnant and having the story continue on until the point in which they get back to this point only its them going into the past for the kids instead of them taking them there. This will definitely be a story that i will continue to reread.
12/7/2019 c4 Guest
Just so you know I’m not hating or anything the doctors name is stated as being theta sigma from the house of lungbarrow just so you know and the master last name is Koschei Oakdown
9/10/2019 c1 JamesPotter1960
Lovely story. Loved every second of it. It was a great ending but I'd love for some more oneshots or chapters
One werd EW! the doctor and herry doing it is just rong
Oh come on i said not to make them Gay ug and the part when they kiss so er
Ok i like the fact that you keept the elder wand it's is a grate wand and you are making harry and the doctor Gay and well gay is a vileaton agenst nacher how are we going to keep humans in the unervers then we need to stop this Gay stuff ok
Ok you beter not make harry gay he is not like that

P.S your lucky i am polite or i wood be swering rite now
4/21/2019 c4 Doctor11rocks
They are called Daleks. Thank you very much.
But shrinking them is hilarious. The tiny 'Exterminates'.
4/6/2019 c7 MsShadowsOra
THIS was SO sweet
3/28/2019 c7 Wolvie26
love it!
1/2/2019 c1 Guest
10/17/2018 c7 Marina9636
All you're stories are wonderful! I don't think I've found a single one that I have not loved
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