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7/29/2014 c1 34Linorien
I love these tiny little snapshots of life.
10/23/2012 c1 2MCH
gan't think how I missed this. Great I really enjoyed this story, great fun.
9/23/2012 c1 236LadyAlambiel
Prego! "interesting words" that's a nice way to describe my sleep-deprived ramblings as I pitch words like unitard and aardvark at you.

I'm listing my favorites and talking just about them, but I love the whole thing too.

Batter: Hahaha, poor Ed getting in trouble and all for want of some batter and he loses the cake along the way. Love it.

Easy: I love it. Reminds me of that chat we had about the boys' first real training session...he didn't kill you so you got off easy lol.

Immobile: well, what else is Edmund supposed to do other than come up with new pranks?

Paperwork: *snicker* Poor Oreius, I suspect the Kings have an entire drawer devoted to just those incident reports...

Salt: It's Momma Amalia and Ed...and her ladle which she uses for everything but cooking! She did get to the Cair. At least he was smart enough to not say that last bit until he was out of range.

Yarn: Lol, I think I might have cracked a rib just imagining this one. Oh, Edmund.
9/23/2012 c1 15Narnia2098
This was very good. I loved the whole idea. I would love to see more. Maybe numbers through 10, 15, 20, 25... or something like that?

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