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for The Children of Omelas

10/28/2012 c1 1i-am-turk-fear-me
Aww he make such a cute daddy!
9/25/2012 c1 203Gotham Siren
Harry! Oh my Goddess. *facepalm* Sebby won't be happy to get that note. And yes. I do love that nickname. :) It's adorable and squishy.

Anyway, I do like this. Harry is being badass, despite being a blockhead. He's just being a noble hero. Blockheaded, but sweet. :)

Will there be more in the Lord Harry 'verse? If so, put more Sebbykins in it! :D

9/24/2012 c1 3Ladybug Jess
I really enjoy this series so far. Looking forward to the next installment. Will Murphy show up?
9/24/2012 c1 59wtchcool
Hm. Yeah, the title sounded familiar to me, although I don't recall reading the story.

Marcone's his left-hand man? :D Awesome.

Okay. I'm not sure if it's proper etiquette to correct an angry wizard when he's swearing, but, quibble: Harry wrote: "Fuck out of my city." I would think that should be either, "Get the fuck out of my city" or "Fucking get out of my city." Although I suppose I could be wrong. *blinks* My, but what happened to Harry's exclamations of "stars and stones!" Or "hells' bells"? Or his brother's fun one, "empty night"?

Good work. Oh and I'm not wondering. Harry will always be Harry, whether he's working for Mab, or taking over Chicago. Although I suppose between Marcone and Bob and all, they might change him a little. Like the severed head thing. That seems like something Marcone would do in response to the grave error of messing with kids.

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