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7/4 c16 alsdjhfgljkwebgh
Imagine being so lazy that you abandoned a story this good. I seriously, truly, 100% hate people like you. Don't start these things if you're too incompetent to finish them. Especially when you're asking people for money.
5/19 c15 Wallboii
Why is it that the girls are always right in this story and Kirito is always wrong? With the synopsis for the story, I was expecting a more of a strong-willed Kirito who isn't everyone's doormat. I was clearly wrong. Supposedly he is also the official leader of the frontlines but with that sort of personality, how is he meant to lead anything? From what was told, Argo and Asuna need to step in when someone talks badly about him.

There was this moment when they were talking about how Kirito's kindness will be taken advantage of but the girls will apparently take care of it. Ironically they take advantage of it. In one of the starting chapters, where the girls are introduced, they come to his house and demand for his bath as well they take his bed, with him having to sleep on the couch, but he doesn't even get a thank you (Keep in mind, this is when they just met him). If I remember correctly, Moonlit Black Cats had all the males share the same room while Sachi had a separate one, these girls don't have that decency evidently.

There was also Argo who went behind his back to invite more people to the Guild and put the responsibility of their lives in his hands but of course, HE was the one who had to apologize to HER in that scenario (He is the guild leader by the way). Fucking hell.

The red flag was in the first chapter when he had to pay for the clothes of all his sister's friends, when does this ever happen, how much of a pushover do you need to be to let that happen. I wish I stopped reading then.

With your Kirito's yes-man personality, how is he supposed to have a Harem? He would be miserable in the relationship. I think the instances where he goes along with whatever the female characters want of him were meant to be humorous but it really isn't. There are way too many moments where this happens, it eventually added up enough for me to drop the story at chapter 14 (?).

Having gotten all that off my chest, the writing is good definitely one of the better-written fanfics on this site. The premise is also very good, it was the reason I stuck around that long. My biggest issue with this fanfic is how you handled the characters, honestly, that was poor. Overall a 4/10, but if you don't mind your MC being used as a doormat then you may like this story.
4/14 c2 1Pixelitus
A Gary Stu Kirito… great…
Kirito CAN be beaten by people like Yuuki, Gabriel Miller, Bercouli Synthesis One, Kayaba(Without Kirito have ridiculously powerful plot armor, even with Kayaba turning off his AI assist.), and maybe even Asuna, and Kirito can’t hope to defeat these people without others helping him.
4/14 c1 Pixelitus
The full name is Nito Ryu Kendo. The author sounds so… dead and emotionless for some reason.
2/19 c16 RubixJr
This is a great story. Keep up the good work
2/16 c1 1Solagoleo54336
pls update
1/16 c2 Not gonna lie
Yours is better than the series. However, eroge is overall better. Nuttier, but better
1/16 c1 This is now
My top SAO doc. Mainly because of the cleanliness overall. The eroge fic is overall more creative, but I love your ideas. Explaining out things others don’t. Plus, love the overall differences in the start. In my mind, I would combine it with eroge and a “gamer” outside of SAO and virtual in general. Would be awesome to him become some crazy amazing warrior without the game, as well as in the game. Oh, and to be blessed with a bunch of beautiful ladies who all individually love him, and are loved. Although, with some nuttiness on the way to keep it from being too bland, while not too just plain crazy.
1/1 c1 Turtle dude32
I'm loving this first chapter.
9/13/2021 c6 goodgunth123
Titan hand that didn't kill anyone yet? Good that they dead before they kill someone.
Fucking bloody bastard deserve more no matter how kirito think it 'inhumane' good to see some author with steel in himself to kill some villian in story
8/16/2021 c16 I'm a miniman
Loving the progression! Can’t wait for the next, hope you’re doing well and staying safe!
7/16/2021 c10 TF
" the harder you fall, the greater you rise. " Where the fuck do people get bullshit like this or like "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger"? what about (not as universal, but I've heard it plenty)" god doesn't deal anymore than you can handle" or "god chokes but doesn't strangle"?
Have you never heard of sports people havin one little knee injury that permanently cripples them and prevents the from ever doing sport again? what about PTSD? Or depression?
the harder you fall, the more likely you are to stay down, the harder it is for you to stand up, the more likely it is for you to fall again (his time for good), and the more likely it is for you to be unable to reach back up to where you fell from the first time.
What doesn't kill you, but could have, either leaves you crippled for life or suffering from mental illness or both and worse.
That last one kinda works, but suicide would not exist if it was true.
Falsehoods like these make it worse, because you feel like a failure for not getting stronger after your fall or near death.
7/2/2021 c16 1copet
A good chapter! I feel this as somehow a resting arc. Makes us interested in what's next in this arc. Have a nice day!
6/22/2021 c16 7Schoolsenpai
absolutely love this story. I found it on the sao fanfic centeral discord server. as a newbie to the writing scene, stories like this are what inspire me to put more effort into my own fanfiction. I can't wait for more and I thank you for the wonderful story so far
5/26/2021 c16 1Reaping Shadow
As someone who recently watched through all of SAO, spotted the different plotholes and weaknesses of the author, i cam here to find if the community could produce something similar, if not better than the original as i have seen it happen rarely but consequently on this site. I am glad that this is the first story of the SAO fandom i got to read as it - in an absolutely amazing fashion - tell the story of a slightly more motivated protagonist and how much that woukd have impacted the anime. I cannot even begin to put in words how well thought out, creative and absolutely perfectly written this is and how desperately i need another chapter. I really hope that tgere is still hope that this will vome to pass.

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