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for Percy's Worst Nightmare and Greatest Dream

1/28/2021 c7 Guest
it is spelled ADHD
1/21/2021 c24 veorve
5/9/2019 c24 Fan Girl 12346
2/21/2019 c24 Guest
11/14/2017 c1 Guest
This not fair this is not what I f**** ask I ask what page it says where percy is having bad dreamsso f*** this s*** I am f*** aut this page
5/22/2017 c24 1The Miniseries Man
I would like to see this story advance just a bit
3/15/2017 c24 Slype99 Son of Poseidon
Amazing story! Good plot so it was nice to read unlike some other M-rated storys
9/29/2016 c24 Dobby99
Okay, I don't know if this was supposed to be the last chapter, but if it isn't please write more, I really love it! :3
I liked the idea and Percabeth is just the cutest think on earth, so... xD
Great job!
9/7/2016 c24 Guest
The whole story was amazing.
I wish I could follow you but I don't have an account.
1/6/2016 c24 1marbear316
PLease continue! I love thsi story!
12/10/2015 c24 1Athena1313
I believe this is the best fan fiction I have ever read. Freaking amazing. I just made my first fan fiction it's just the first chapter tho and since yours is so good I was wanting you to go check it out and give me some criticism and ideas it's called Elena Paige: the new Olympian thanks!
12/8/2015 c9 Athena1313
So far it's freaking amazing!
10/1/2015 c14 2iB3LIEVE
I don't review often. But this chaper was one of the funniest things I've read in a while. L o l.
6/8/2015 c24 youroneandonlylover
This is a really good story you should be a writer some day. I LOVED the intimacy between Percabeth and the quest were ingenious please. write more intimacy between Percabeth in other stories too, but I'll take something as good as this any day.
3/10/2015 c24 Guest
U r such a good writer... plz continue the story, i'm begging u...
Suggestion: About Percy and Annabeth's kids, or maybe another quest- with of course-lemons!
Btw, u spelt 'massaging' incorrectly, it's 'massaging', not 'messaging'.
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