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10/16/2012 c8 Raifka2011
Lots of sweet words for you...
Kissing scenes...
I was waiting for this for soooooo LONG...
Mt favorite kissing scene... Well...
Nonori x Gouenji, Nonori x Gouenji x 100000000...
Okay... I love this soooo MUCH... I'm gonna P.M you my OC... Good luck... See ya next time...
10/16/2012 c8 lou-haru
Reviews... Sorry if I haven't reviewed in awhile... Been busy... But don't worry, I've been reading the past chappies!

All the scenes were sweet Ayasumi-san! You're really good at this!

Anyway, update soon!
10/15/2012 c8 5FluffyLavandelClouds
Endou and Ayume's kiss was really cute, mostly because they were caught.

I'll send you my oc, when I manage to come out my bed...
10/15/2012 c8 1SapphireSpade
Awww! I like all of their kissing scenes!

I think my OC should joined in but I'm not sure about the seducing part...

Anyway, Update soon!
10/15/2012 c7 HIATUS-ING
ahh, leave it that way, I guess. Anywaaaaay sweet chappie!
10/15/2012 c5 HIATUS-ING
Oooh, I got Endou X Ayume right That's great! :D nc chap btw!
10/15/2012 c7 2Narukami Layla
Sugge! Sugge! SUGGE! Mamera-san I really like this chapter. Keep it up for the next chapter. I think you should make new OC'S for Kazemaru, Fudou and Fubuki. Ah, is Nonori and Gouenji already admit their true feelings to each other? I can't wait for the two of them become couples. If you need some help with the new OC'S, just PM me. That's all! Jaa nee
10/15/2012 c7 Raifka2011
Maybe the thing with OCs, because I really want more romantic parts...
On next time...
Awesome chap...
Update soon...
And good luck...
10/14/2012 c7 3Mercury Poison
This chapter was so beautiful thought sad too...
I guess Noa will have amnesia...
Better leave that way Fudou Fubuki and Kazemaru... (unless you want to make a crack pair or a crack love triangle)
Anyway I love it :)
Hope you update soon
10/14/2012 c7 4YueShiyume
YAAAYY! /dances happily
Make 3 more! 3 more!
If you want a love triangle, it should be Fubukiyamaru! (Fubuki, Hiroto and Kazemaru) But since Hiroto is already taken, then make 3 moree! XDDD I'm so excited! XDD /jumps in joy
Looking forward for le next chapter! Ja nee! :D
10/14/2012 c7 5FluffyLavandelClouds
I think you should let it be, at least, we you can think of a good plot with tree oc's in, because it is a kinda weird when tree girls appear out of nowhere.
10/12/2012 c6 Guest
SURPRISE NEE-SAN! I'M REVIEWING XD first off, I would just like to say that this chapter was terrible for me to read:( I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU'RE MAKING ME WAIT TO READ WHETHER OR NOT NOA DIED! You are a horrible sister:( speaking of horrible sisters, I'll whatsapp you about yesterday night:( Sorry in advance:P AND ANOTHER THING! FUDOU HAS A CRUSH ON NOA?! Okay, that surprisingly makes sense (and sounds kinda familiar:p) ummmSO MUCH I WANTED TO TALK ABOUT FROM THIS AND THE LAST CHAPTER...but I forgot all of them :P GAHHH WHY DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING?! I should really start drafting my reviews:p SO ANYWAYS! UPDATE! AND I LOVE YOU! :D
10/12/2012 c6 4YueShiyume
Kyaaa! /fangirls
Hihi, so I would like all of them to have a...GROUP DATE! kidding ouo /runs away
But I think it would be best for Sakuma to stay beside Noa-chan in the hospital if ever she'll be rushed to the hospital XDD ;A; Bye-nee next chap please! ouo
10/12/2012 c5 Aisa Yuukira
Right, I forgot to say which pairing should go on a date first. And I don't know why but I was thinking about Maya and Hiroto.
Hope you upload soon!
10/12/2012 c6 Aisa Yuukira
Why a cliffhanger! I hate that!
Anyway, good story and... Serious, Fudou has a crush on Noa! This is gonna be fun,... or not... cause she's bleeding.

By the way, I'm from the Netherlands
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