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10/12/2012 c6 2Narukami Layla
Sugge! I like this chapter! and also the changing details about the maids soccer uniform. After they play the soccer match, I was indeed shock that Fudou had a crush on her. I realize that my eyes had widened, and... also about Noa. I can't believe that Noa had involve in a car accident. I hope Noa won't lost her memories and forgot who are her friends and especially Sakuma. Oh, I almost forgot. Does Fubuki-kun has girlfriend? Because I actually have a character for Inazuma Latte. She is a new maid that came from England. I'll give her bio if you agree with my idea. If you don't agree, then thats okay Anyway, just PM me! n_n
10/11/2012 c6 3Mercury Poison
This story is so...there are no words for it...
wonderful it's not even near to describe it
Sorry for not reviewing before but I've started reading until today...
Anyway I just love your story
Hope you update soon
10/11/2012 c6 Raifka2011
OMG... You Fudou...
How can you...
And... and...
I really don't want to die...
I'm gonna stop to read this story... WAIT... WHAT...
If I do that then I can't see the end, if Noa gonna survive or what will happen with the rest of pairings... Man, I'm in a dilema... But I need to continue to read this because I love it sooooo MUCH...
So Good luck with this wonderful story and... Ohhh... yeah you ask which couple should dating... Well I'm not so good at these things, but... Anabella x Kidou... My opinion... So upload soon and...
On next time.
10/9/2012 c5 2Narukami Layla
Konichiwa, Mamera-san! I just thought of an idea about the girls soccer uniform. I hope you like the details.

Shirt: Short sleeve t-shirt. At the back, it is black, at the front, it is white color. Just like their maid's sleeve, it is bright yellow as it were the color of lightning. The logo on the t-shirt, its the same logo as inazuma japan but it is different color. The color is white,chocolate and peach color. That's all.

Pants: It is dark chocolate and have two white lines at the side.

There you go, Mamera-san! I hope you like the details. n_n
10/9/2012 c5 Raifka2011
I was just screaming in joy...
So awesome...
Well I don't know what kind of uniforms should maid wear, but I'm sure you gonna find and idea...
I... I almost cried at the scenes where the girls start to say their past...
So... sad... are really strong girls (tears)
Anyway... Again awesome chap...
Good luck with this beautiful story that I love it sooo much and...
On next time.
10/8/2012 c5 1SapphireSpade
Daijoubu, everyone haves plans for something!
Anyway, I think that they should wear a light pink shirt with white collars and their symbol of their maid jobs. Their sleeve length will be right in the quarter of their shoulders.
Are they going to have hissatsu techniques, Mamera-chan?
10/6/2012 c4 4YueShiyume
And the Pairings are good toooooo! XDDD I love it! XDD I love MayaxHiroto and NoaxSakuma XDD 8D keep it up, Mamera-san! :)))
9/29/2012 c4 Bubbly
''Dead.'' Noa, Maya and Nonori said in union. ... I thought Noa never talked...? Also: Did you all also saw a new pair? It was really hard to see, but it's Nonori x Gouenji.

Hate to break it to you, but you're not very subtle. Even 13- year old Endou could have seen this pairing coming if he read this.
9/29/2012 c4 6The Liker
TRUTH OR DARE! Midorikawa and Hiroto
I really love your stories! Keep them coming!

9/28/2012 c4 Raifka2011
Sweet! Ohhhh... Nonori x Gouenji... SWEET!
And those jerks... Better to be dead...
Anyway... AWESOME CHAP... Upload soon...
On next time.
9/28/2012 c4 5FluffyLavandelClouds
Power of teens! I started to crack up when I was reading it.
And what the gonna do at the mansions... I'm clueless.
9/28/2012 c4 HIATUS-ING
Hhaha! Nice personality, Nonori-san!

For the girls in Sun Garden, maybe they'll help in taking care of the children? Make it that they feel family!

aaaaand I don't know about with the Kidou residence.. Maybe they explore Kidou's big house :3

Now I feel like Kidou is gonna get paired with someone..heh, we'll see!
Great work Updates again!
9/27/2012 c3 FluffyLavandelClouds
Aaah, Noa and Sakuma. And yeeh, the strawberry pie

I'll choose for... Robbery.

Update soon
9/27/2012 c3 7Tatetshi Akari
Hikari: Great... just great... Fubuki is not even with Noa or Maya...
Akari: Don't be too depress, he might be pair up with Nonori, Ayume or Hinako.
Hikari: You forgot about Anabella-
Akari: I know! For some strange reason, I don't want them to get pair up together...
Hikari: Well, Mamera-san, if you don't want to pair Fubuki up with anyone than pair him with-
9/27/2012 c3 HIATUS-ING
A robbery, maybe? And oh, I think they're a cute couple, too
Do updates soon
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