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9/27/2012 c2 HIATUS-ING
Maybe a small plastic of cookies are good, considering her clumsiness..

She's cute! And hah, I lost a couple But it's fine, I had no reason for my pair for Maya-san, anywayss..

On towards the next chapter!
9/27/2012 c3 DutchWreck
9/26/2012 c2 5FluffyLavandelClouds
Meeh... I guessed Maya with somebody else, but it doesn't matter, I still have a change that one of my guesses are right [Alright, it sounds more like a competition, whatever -.-]

Yeeh! Yaoi. And Burn and Gazel, one of my favorites. And the question. Hm... I have no idea, I would bake a strawberry pie or something like that, if I could bake something...

Update soon
9/26/2012 c2 Raifka2011
Why... very good question.
There are many answers to this kind of question, especially when it comes about love...
Anyway, I love this story soooooooo much, and I'm going to read every word two hundred times, because that much I love it. (Woaahhh, I never read a review so full with this kind of words)
Anyway on next time and update soon and again...
9/26/2012 c1 HIATUS-ING
Wow, here's my pick!

Gouenji with Noa. I think he'll really be interested with the .. uh, what do you call that? secretive/mysterious ones? Anyway, She's shy, that's a point, too!

Fuusuke and Hinako. well, Hinako's cool. I think Suzuno-kun will have a nice time exchanging opinions with her about anything. I think they'll fit in the box very well.

Endou and Ayume? I dunno, I just think if we pull out the clueless Endou-kun here, Ayume will be the one to always explain for him(May she fail) and that's..well, she may find it cutely stupid. Endou may find her constant help endearing. (Ahhh, thinking of these two is sho cute!)

Fudou and Anabella? XD LOL! Well, because since she's dignified and lady-like, Fudou might find it fun to tease her? and weew that's so cute!

Hm, Maya and Nonori left.. I can't think of anyone, wew. How about:
Nonori and Hiroto
Maya and Kidou?
Maybe I'll change after future chapters, heh he. Good luck!
9/25/2012 c1 7Tatetshi Akari
Hikari: Well nice plot you're gonna make. Let's see I would like:
1. Fubuki x Noa - Cause Fubuki use to be quite shy and silent, I think Fubuki should be the first one to hear how Noa speaks.
2. Kazemaru x Maya - Just for some reason I want to pair them together. Well both of them is quite kind.
3. Endou x Nonori - Both of them are hyper and always smiling.
4. Hiroto x Ayume - Well Hiroto is also like the leader or something, I think.
5. Gouenji x Hinako - Well both of them always try to act cool and Gouenji was pretty worried about Fubuki last time during the double personality thing even though it didn't seems like it.
6. Kidou x Anabella - Well both of them are rich.
9/25/2012 c1 DutchWreck
Nice :) I'm curious where this will go! *worried* Though, you aren't gonna couple anyone with Mamoru, are you? *shakes head* anyway, good story. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna plan the mysterious disappearance of my math teacher.
Kidou: *sighs* Can't you just make your math homework instead of wasting your time on a plan that isn't gonna work anyway?!
Elle: I could do that... But it's way less fun
Kidou: *sighs and shakes head* Let's say... FudouXMaya would be so ironic XD Or KidouXMaya. TachimukaiXNonori! That would be cute! Noa and... Sakuma? MM... Scratch that... Let me think... Noa and Kazemaru! Yeah, that'll work. So:

MayaXFudou/ MayaXKidou

Good luck writing :)
9/25/2012 c1 5FluffyLavandelClouds

Yup, I'm a new follewer (sort of)
The coupels... I don't know, but I have though of these:

- Noa and Sakuma
- Maya and Fubuki
- Nonori and Hiroto
- Ayume and Kidou
- Hinako and Fudou
- Anabella and Suzuno

But, I don't knoe the oc's really well, so it is up to you if it is useful.
9/25/2012 c1 Raifka2011
Well... a very good start... To upoad soon, because I think this story will be the right type for me and I'm gonna have very much pleasure to read it. Anyway this are my pairings:
Noa x Fubuki
Maya x Hiroto
Nonori x Endou
Ayume x Gouenji
Hinako x Fudou
Anabella x Kidou
Well... this are my pairings (I hope are good), but we need to see, right?
Anyway, lots of love for this story and good luck.
On next time.
PS: And don't forget, update soon.
9/25/2012 c1 6jumbled thoughts keep me up
MAYAAAAAA! Gosh, it's creepy how similar she is to my friend Maya:) Remember, I told you about her? Anyways. I WANT MOREEEE :D Not only that, this fic makes me want coffee. Pronto. (Breaking out the Italian alreadyxd) Well, it's a preview, so not much to write, except update soon and I hope you feel better soon! Any idea who you're pairing up with Kidou-kun? (Okay, I seriously should not be so obsessed about him.) Maybe Anabella? She seems like she'd be good with Kidou. But pair Maya up with Hiroto-kun? So I can tell my friend that I helped her pair her up with Hiro-chan xd Oooh and make Ayume date Endou. I think they'd balance each other out, don't you? And Nonori... can go with GOUENJI! Yeah:) Okay, I've got nothing :P GET WELL SOOONNN! x3

9/25/2012 c1 lou-haru
Nice story you've got so far Ayasumi-san!

About the OC thing, uhm... How about, Ayume with Kidou; Hinako with Gouenji; Nonori with uhm.. Endou?; and maybe Maya with Fubuki...

Just opinions anyway... Just randomly set up by a friend who read the story with me. Anyways, update soon
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