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for The Uzumaki Tales: Return of the Whirlpool

1/21 c95 1Spartan of Rome
I sincerely hope that you will continue this most Youthful story
1/12 c95 magman.gaming03
Caught up, please update if you can.
12/27/2021 c95 oneillw268
12/7/2021 c22 Ida bagus
I love this fanfict
12/6/2021 c95 3MGStarFire
is the author ok?
this is his last update on any story
11/10/2021 c5 Guest
Again an idiot naruto, boring
11/5/2021 c79 Roberto9090
doesn't make sense a sage to have godly power from the nothing

canon >
11/5/2021 c80 Roberto9090
first you say the uzumaki don't have kekkei genkais

now you say the eight trigrams seal can only used by uzumaki

are you senile?
11/5/2021 c67 Roberto9090
eyes rolling everytime you say namikaze is a family
11/4/2021 c65 Roberto9090
kcm > this transformation
11/3/2021 c58 Roberto9090
rasengan > chidori and that's final
11/2/2021 c41 Roberto9090
those stories you invented about sealing are pathetic you shouldve leave the canon
11/1/2021 c29 Roberto9090
that's funny how all this years they tried to kill him but never did it, that's a a giant coincidence, don't you think? plss wtf when he was a child he was this more powerful than them?
11/1/2021 c28 Roberto9090
that mob trying to kill naruto is really pathetic, how can you see all the fanfic doing this and still trying to do that fucking shit? its boring and annoying, innovate more
11/1/2021 c28 Roberto9090
you can't even difference normal cats to summon cats? wtf
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