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4/12/2017 c15 1baroness vixen
you should continue this i really like it
4/12/2017 c2 baroness vixen
here you go getting me hooked to another one of your storys
1/12/2017 c15 9NB313
are u still working on this story? be interesting to see where it goes
2/26/2016 c1 blondjinjit
Please please continue the story soon
7/5/2015 c15 Kay1a
Please Please Please update!
Love this story! I is so amazballs! I NEED more...please!
6/5/2015 c15 dimitriXroza100
Please update
6/5/2015 c15 2VAvixin69
A in love! I love how sarcastic and fun Dimitri is I think that's how he would be in the books in his free time if he hadn't of lost Ivan. Please update again ASAP! I'm desperate for more! I think he should "accidentally" ask if she's a virgin and maybe about her guy friends like if there's something going on with any of them... when do we see Abe again?! Cuz he obviously figured out she's his daughter. Again I'm in love please update again soon!
5/26/2015 c1 Bex-Aria
love this story please update soon, love your songfics and characters
5/22/2015 c15 5Idshipus007
So happy you started writing this again! Please update this soon.
5/21/2015 c15 7ilovesos9467
Just found this. Love it :)
Update soon :)
5/21/2015 c15 BethIsMyName
Hey again!

You're back!

I loved this chapter XD
5/20/2015 c15 luciinwaters
Wow! This story is great!
5/20/2015 c15 8The cat with blue eyes
I liked instant star so of course I like this story!
I like the relationship they both have, it's really funny to read!
5/20/2015 c15 ariegentry22
Great story
5/20/2015 c15 blondjinjit
yyay! love the chapter
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