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8/2/2013 c1 47meatballs in the impala
I just—I can't even begin to describe what kind of a laughing fit this threw me into. I mean, Bass addicted on caffeine? Tom being responsible for the cut in their supply of it? This can't end well, really.

This was a purely humorous fic. A neat sense of underlying humor that I've rarely seen in fanfiction, which I enjoyed immensely. Nailed it, man.

I can so relate to Bass, on the other hand.
9/28/2012 c1 brighteyes343
9/26/2012 c1 203Gotham Siren
Poor, poor Sebby. There is nothing worse than a coffee addict going cold turkey. Imagine if we did that... *shudders*

The fic was funny though, especially Sebastian's reaction. Harry doesn't know exactly what he's done, does he? *snickers*

Will there be more? Please say yes! I want my dear Sebbykins. :)

9/26/2012 c1 3Ladybug Jess
Lol. So Dresden does not know Monroe is a coffee addict.
9/26/2012 c1 59wtchcool
*nods* I'm betting until the series is cancelled, which *crosses fingers* should be any week now.

Oh, caffeine withdrawal. Couldn't have happened to a cuter moron. (Lyons plays Monroe, right?) All things considered, though, he's probably getting off easy.

In reply to the last line, I believe there's a reason (besides marketing) that the slogan is: "America Runs on Dunkin". The odds had to be in favor of the leader being addicted to caffeine.

Didn't notice any quibbles. Cute sequel. Of course, I'd really like to see Baron Dresden snap his fingers and make the series disappear...

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