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3/22 c1 Yog-sothsoth
Bah. Such an interesting concept, so many words and what do I see in the very first chapter? Authority boosting physical might (the lamest ability possible) and Harem generator. I am just going to assume that you planned a harem and, regretefully, skip this one.
3/19 c47 Degarslow
Ah. Hello Hiccup. Keep up the good work!
3/12 c5 jimmy.oz
Seems he is going to be getting memories from different versions of himself and maybe even archer. or the memories came from Archer since he had his arm and it merged with him.
3/12 c4 jimmy.oz
Idk still feel like the campione verse is weaker than the nasu one. but i also felt that archer or Shirou for that matter should have been stronger with his powers since the reality marble he has is bad*ss. to be able to make an noble phantasm he sees and if i remember learn from it is a great ability. glad it seems Illya will survive would suck if she didn't. still going to miss Artoria though since it doesn't seem like she will be a part of the story. i will probably stop at the next chapter and hope for an update before reading more.
3/12 c2 jimmy.oz
Damn feel bad for how it ended with saber though. glad Sakura lived and all but that girl is crazy compared to the others lol. wonder if it will be a harem like normally happens when he doesn't even know how it ended up that way lol.
3/12 c1 jimmy.oz
Too be honest feel like nasuverse is stronger than campione but that is just my opinion on things. after all a normal human can kill a god with luck in campione. well still the story seems interesting so needs more updates.
3/1 c1 dogpenis012
love this author this is excellent .
2/26 c47 flip flip2 electric bogaloo
bro please keep on updating this
2/21 c3 nnnnmhughuuhhjiijj
"It looked like her Onii-Chan managed to choose a very... Singular individual to recruit"?

What else did you expect him to be, illya? A plural individual?
2/11 c19 Amargi'sNodachi
LMAO, the thought of that ass Kayneth having to deal with Luo Hao is great... it’d be better if Waver could see this interaction.
2/11 c10 Amargi'sNodachi
Lame as hell. Godou sucks.
2/10 c4 Amargi'sNodachi
Yay, Illya will live!
2/10 c1 Amargi'sNodachi
mega LOL Shirou getting a Heaven’s Feel-esque Authority. Get rekted, Jubstacheit.
2/2 c47 10PsylentFox
Wow. Spent the last three days blitzing this again... and I have to say that it was still a hell of a read the second time! Great work! Bravo!
1/21 c47 mikewales456
Honestly, the early chapters was kind of bland, and Erica was kind of getting annoying, and fucking hell! Godou has too much fucking plot armour, no matter how strong of a god his enemy is he always win with almost no repercussions of some sort. While with shirou no matter how strong he became he still gets curbstomped by weak ass gods and even if he managed to win he still gets sever repercussions and damage, and did I read that right!? Did he lost his authorities?! If not what were those pandora said that he rejected ey! Fucking hell! And AUTHOR! are you simping for sakura or something!

... there's so much I want to say, good things, impartial critique, encouragement, but I don't know where to start, I try but, I think I need some time to clear up my mind.
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