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3/30 c19 1DracoArtemisLeopin
Huh, shifting my thinking a bit, there's a bit of a parallel between Fate Lancelot and HF Shirou. Both of them betrayed something they held dear and had followed for a majority of their lives for the one they loved most. Reading this for the umpteenth time, I wonder if the reason that Arondight bonded itself to Shirou was not only because of it grateful for allowing itself to be wielded in the defense of its original owner's love once again, but because it has effectively gained another Epithet. In addition to being the Unfading Light of the Lake, has it also become the Blade of Loving Treason?
3/26 c25 MoonRaven0
Gave it a extra chapter to reaffirm my feelings and I would say I still don’t quite enjoy it. Just from reading the AN from the beginning it felt like you were a fan of Campione and watched some of the fate anime and decided to write a crossover between the two which I think the blend works quite nicely.

However there’s a distinct lack of knowledge regarding fate power levels that just make the fights unsatisfying. I don’t quite blame the author for this since Fate lore is a rabbit hole but for example comparing ORT to any or even all divinities in Campione when so far the damage level in a fight between divine beings is about a city block, a train station, parks. Sure that might defeat basic street level servants but higher tier servants should slap any one Campione or divine around. Not to even bring up ORT.

All to say that Shirou has access to that. When in the Aphrodite arc, when ordered to go all out first thing he should have done was bring out either Excalibur and activate it instead of swinging it around. Since Heracles couldn’t dodge it is safe to say everyone would be obliterated, story finish. Or use Tsubame Gaeshi on Godou, who simply would not be able to dodge it and die. Or not to have him brainwashed in the first place as that felt strange.

So many options yet what we ended up with was a fight where most of the abilities Shirou uses are authorities when he has a endless arsenal of authorities in the form of NPs already.
3/19 c16 Jared Mcboomski
my guess is that the creepy magus dude took some divinity from Shirou and is going to use it to presumably make a better shadow monster. even though he could just ask Shirou to use Rule of the Underworld to bring 'her' back for a second and hear 'her' last words, but he won't because some other campione killed 'her' and now he hates campione.
3/19 c24 MoonRaven0
I know this long review for a seemingly discontinued story might be unwarranted but I guess I want to express my feelings thus far. It has been a interesting story with a lot of potential, but I think I might stop here. As I understand this might have been your first story and for that it was really good, better than most since it reached so high up the list, and the size of the story story is nothing to scoff at either. But I think I've seen what I wanted to see. I think the main reason why I stopped is because I have been enjoying the portrayal of Shirou and Illya less and less. They are the main characters for me first and foremost but I've noticed that their development has been quite stagnant. I'm technically halfway throughout the existing chapters and they have barely made any progress in their goals of returning home. The main reason I perceive is that your focus on the Campione setting, which is much less popular, well known, and appreciated by the audience including myself. I've tried putting an effort in liking the Campione cast but with the exception Luo Hao I'm pretty apathetic toward most of them. Godou feels like a generic shonen protagonist, which he is, and I never understand why he is supposed to be powerful beside the combination of the Warrior (which is way too OP) and Stallion authorities as everything other power is just padding until he pulls out those attacks. Every fight of his can be summarized as use his normal powers, fail, use warrior, win the fight. This becomes frustrating when he is given so much narrative weight that does not seemed to be earned. Luo Hao at least is interesting due to her ego which is occasionally amusing. Everyone else might as well not exist or just fights the adds, which while understandable due to the setting, still drags down the story. Like in the Venus(?) arc, I can not tell you what anyone besides the Campiones did, even when everyone was supposedly fighting Shirou in truth only Luo Hao, Gudou and Illya put up any fight. This arc also confuses me because I thought that the city mystic code was supposed to inform Illya about the supernatural, including the Divine ancestors and broken Goddesses, but for some reason that never got explained (thus far). They knew about it, countered it, and rendered Illya's accomplishments null because if they can do it, why not anyone else? Another issue I had was that thus far you have barely utilized the potential of Shirou's UBW, he rarely pulls out more then a few Noble Phantasms in a fight despite the main benefit of UBW being the versatility of the arsenal, all the while he gains niche sounding authorities that he doesn't really need. Which segues to what I think is the primary flaw of this story, it heavily neglects what is the supposed to be the MC in favor of developing the Campione plot which by itself is not interesting. And that is a shame. Theres too many instances where Shirou's character is crippled for the purposes of furthering the Campione plot i.e. going to school (totally irrelevant after 2 chapters), not putting up his guard around Wukong (OOC), spending two days to escape the mountain (might as well just create a path like Lu Hao at that point). The story is well written, I just disagree with the direction it is going.
3/18 c47 4Edge of the Dark
Is this fic abandoned? I hope it isn't! I've been a fan from the beginning and would love to see the story completed!
3/8 c5 OneUriel
I'm not a big fan of campione, but I have a question about the balance of power in this fic.

Based on the description, the campione gods are a step above nasu and almost a step away from the types. They can suppress human will with their mere presence and by default have bodies immune to attacks below A rank...

That's just ridiculous! I have no idea how ordinary humans are basically able to not only kill, but just breathe next to gods!
In the pursuit of "balance" the author lost the basic logic of the world
3/5 c46 DragonTetho
Man, it's been years when will you give this fanfic an update? I really want to see Emiya Shirou showing up in the middle of the Holy Grail War that's happening with his harem and shocking everyone especially his alternative self since at this point, Shirou would/could be considered as a Foreign God enroaching upon Earth and Alaya plus Gaia would probably do something or idk.
2/24 c47 7CALlC0
Hope you update this again eventually, but while I'm here, do you mind if I use this version of Shirou for a purely self indulgent crossover? I just think it'd be neat maybe
1/17 c47 leonorguzman0108
Even though it leaves many things open and half-finished, I think it is a good ending.
12/28/2023 c20 SeanyWants2read
You should just rename this Godou Slaying Bladeworks.
12/12/2023 c9 LambMan2424
Everytime I read this, the “!” Pisses me off so much. You dont write roars as “!”, that is for when a character is suprised not an unholy screech like berserker’s
12/11/2023 c1 LambMan2424
Yall ignore the bad comments this is actually pretty good, I put off reading it for a long time cuz of the negative comments but you should try it
12/11/2023 c18 realfan16
Now now eating what tried to eat you is perfectly logical I'd say self defense even !
11/7/2023 c47 Guest
I hope this gets continued some day.
11/2/2023 c1 ledesmajoaquin418
Tu historia es increíble, espero que algún día la continúes
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