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10/19 c9 Zero
10/19 c8 Zero
10/19 c7 Zero
It happen.
I need to rewatch chapione.
10/19 c6 Zero
Cool !
10/18 c5 Zero
He saw the other routes ?
10/18 c4 Zero
10/18 c3 Zero
10/18 c2 Zero
I forget the fact that fate used to be a eroge...
10/18 c1 Zero
I remember reading this a long time ago.
I had no idea of how fate stuff works.
I shall give a second reading.
10/18 c1 Guest
I am still wondering if this fanfic is about shirou or godou
10/11 c13 haha.plogue
I cant continue without leaving a review.

This is my OPINION and what I FEEL like and I have just read the chapters 1 to 10 because I really can't continue reading 11 to 13 without saying this.

So my first problem is that you gutted and nerf Shirou and I have no problem with that but it feels you didn't nerfted and gutted gudou also.

It feels like Shirou didn't come from the war or battle of the grail and was just a student like gudou that unfortunately entered the supernatural world without a choice. It was like battles he faced, the servants he battled was minor event in his life.

The harem. I don't have problem if shirou doesn't have an harem, i do really, but you include them everytime and this is where my problem lies.

It feels like Gudou is the main character of this story. I know that shirou is the one having the spotlight more or something but the focus feels like gudou. His harem for example ok gudou has an harem and shirou hasn't ok then why does it need to be explicit dialouges or mention of gudous harem saying that they are gudous harem. Why?... the story is good and interesting it has 7k review and it shows.

Well I have only readen the 10 chapters but the 11 and 12 was really the breaking point. Why does it need to be mention that gudou is being taking care by his harem and that two or one would join. Then 13 was just really skimming one in shirou battle and reading parts where he he is having hard was really hammering it that he has weaken.

Well I will continue and maybe everything will change but really this was really a hard pill to swallow. That shirou is gutted and nerfed. Having UBW really means nothing because he can't access it fully as you said EMIYA and him are not fundamentelly share the ideals. Hades is not meant for battle and the others well... they have their use.

I really need this to let out for me to continue reading.
10/8 c46 1chrisdiokno117
I hope your original work turns out well. I have my own original work on FictionPress. Maybe try posting there
10/4 c24 Shade Seeker
You can disregard my last review, I see you added the die if killed quote later on in the chapter.
10/4 c24 Shade Seeker
Just wanted to say that the paragraph in response to what Shirou said, where it was saying water is wet and stones fall downward, would have been an awesome opportunity to use Shirou’s semi-iconic “people die when they are killed” line.
10/1 c25 Yaasir786
Before any says that a compione won't or can't take on TYPE ,you just have to look at the compione wiki. Kusanagi Gudou gained an Authority that lets him manipulate fate destiny and other concepts on multiverse level or several parallel universes. If you think I'm lying to you go check oon the I don't get the Nerfing of Shirou if there are this level of Authority a god can posses and Gudou have reached this level on the light novel.
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