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8/10/2021 c47 1Panjason
The return of the king!
8/10/2021 c47 PasiveNox
Great chapter
8/10/2021 c47 8Jebest4781
Gonna be interesting to see what will occur next in this and can't wait for more.
8/10/2021 c47 1Project Pseudonym
When I first saw the story updated, I couldn't believe my eyes. After so long, it's finally back!

I get the weird feeling when Shirou pops over to Nasuverse, he's gonna get dragged into another Holy Grail.
8/10/2021 c47 6Max level
this chapter was worth the wait but I'm hoping for some romantic drama next chapter and hope the nasuverse will play a part in the later arcs
8/10/2021 c47 5Aevun
Last few paragraphs of Shiro's new Authority are literally the only thing preventing this fic from ending in the next chapter. Literally all that shit WILL happen just to drag this on. lmao
8/10/2021 c47 2jshadowitz
when the world needed him most... he returned. thank you so much for an amazing update! BUT I NEED MORE!
8/10/2021 c47 2Templarsith
So I wonder what that fate goddess is doing right now. In her little realm of threads and the one thread that leads to other worlds has not been cut as she wishes. I do worry though Odysseus used Odyssey from what I reread this Authority seems to be a very very scary one. One which may still be active as the target of Odyssey was the ability to cross into other worlds. So I totally see Homer writing up a new tale for the heroes, full of fun surprises. I did not think Odysseus was actually going to die, I was thinking he would escape again then go and try to use Alice in human sacrifice.

I laughed a lot when Shirou uses most of his mana up chasing down the boat rather than the actual battle. The tempo of the battle was very different and honestly felt like a card game almost. I still think Odysseus should have had a few more traps prepared of lesser nature. The best part of the battle was how both sides made mistakes and the other one capitalized on them. This might sound odd but I would like the injuries to actually take time and actual effort to heal from this time, especially Shirou
8/10/2021 c47 shades98
In regards to your book, great idea. You can go to Royal road . Com and upload the whole book over the course of time. It is a good area to start, there are trolls, but you can self publish through kindle and Amazon from that website.
8/10/2021 c47 1SentinalSlice
Great chapter! I loved the fight. It really did give off the same vibe as Shirou vs Kirei. I’m upset though that Shirou couldn’t get any of Odysseus’s authorities, that Bow one would have been awesome!
I do like that he is able to travel back and forth now. I hope that this doesn’t mean the story is about to end, I’d love to see more of Shirou’s travels as a Campione and more of him slaying gods and gaining more powers.
Luckily there is still the whole situation with Gweneviere and Lancelot.
8/10/2021 c47 2Guest 907
Finally! That bastard has long overstayed his welcome!
8/10/2021 c47 3TheRageHeart
I feel a little bad, you could use the boat authority with the second Magic, remember that in the Odisea, Ulises wants to return to his wife Penelope so fucking bad that he goes through a lot of shit for her. That's similar to Shirou's case. Sakura is his Penelope. It is more a thing of return to the women that he love than the place.
8/10/2021 c47 3Takedo
Aii, I like that new Authority and the explanation that came with it. It's like an Authority that was born after a Heretic God descended, which is almost impossible because their legends dictate what Authority they have. However, Second Magic is way too close to Odysseus as a wandering god.

As for the Authority, so it's basically a wormhole. Kinda sucks since there's a ton of limitations on it and it doesn't do the other things Second Magic is able to do, like unlimited energy. Guess it would be too OP.

Please bring Sakura to Campionverse. I really want to see how you'd right her Imaginary Numbers react with the magic in this universe.

I wonder if Zelretch would feel it. I'm pretty sure hew would. He felt Rin use the Jeweled Sword in HF3, so if Shirou uses it, Zelretch should be able to feel someone use the Second Magic, even in different worlds.
8/10/2021 c47 1R-king 93
Awesome chapter
8/10/2021 c47 xXwolfsterXx644
Definitely Can't wait for the next update
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