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8/12/2021 c38 The Fool
Is Dominique's servant going to be Scáthach?
8/12/2021 c10 2AvidReader2425
Thanks for another really great chapter, though I am a little disappointed he let himself get so careless that he seem to underestimate his enemy or didn’t empower himself when he needed to.
8/12/2021 c5 3Takedo
In this chap, you mention Shirou summoning Servant in Nasuverse then bringing them to Campionverse... I really hope you summon someone when comes to get Sakura.
8/12/2021 c47 14Ultimate Warrior of Zera
I personally think Shirou and lllya should have told their allies they were from another world earlier. Still this was excellent. I can't wait for Shirou to meet Rider again. I wonder how she would react if she learns he also has a Pegasus.
8/12/2021 c9 2AvidReader2425
Absolutely awesome chapter! Really cool weapon for his sister as well, something perfect for someone unskilled and wielding a weapon normally. And really looking forward to the fight with Mordred, especially considering Shirio’s friendship with king Arthur, as well as king Arthur been his love interest in another timeline.
8/12/2021 c47 Genesis09
The real question is, what next? In his original world he is nothing and no one to anyone besides Sakura, Rider, and Rin. Of those the only one with a reason to stay in their original world is Rin. And even then, a world without influence from Gaia and Alaya? Without the constant scheming and murder of the Clocktower... I'm seeing a transdimensional moving van for Sakura and regular visits for Rin. The only question becomes what would happen to Rider? How would switching worlds affect her?
8/12/2021 c47 DragonTetho
Sadly, as much as Shirou might want to go back home. Gaia and Alaya wouldn't let that happen as Shirou is now on the same level as the Crimson Moon(not on the same power level I think but who knows) and is considered a God or has Divinity and rn that age has long passed. He will be met with a lot of resistance from both the World and Alaya as such he would have to bring Sakura to the Campione world or something.
8/12/2021 c47 lanitri27
Otherworld shenanigans coming up! (I hope..)
8/12/2021 c8 AvidReader2425
Another very entertaining chapter, thank you very much.
8/12/2021 c7 AvidReader2425
Another excellent and highly entertaining chapter, thank you very much
8/12/2021 c47 SirExecuter
The thought of anyone messing with sakura when shirou's back home is so entertaining lol specially when he can annihilate all of clock tower now
8/12/2021 c47 ArcherShirou
As always Snow is the real hero saving Shirou's ass every time and giving his life each time.

Right now that Shirou has her way back home every time I imagine Sakura and Rin's surprise when they return to fuyuki ready for the grail war only to find Shirou and Ilya back alone.

They end the war and Shirou decides to go back to the champion's world only to have Mordred show up and say hi.

Shirou: Is it asking too much for a little peace?
Destiny: Yes, it's asking too much.

If Tiamat goes with Shirou, which she probably will I see her having an interesting interaction with her version of fate, it's both a more insane version of her, but also a more motherly version of her.

I don't see Shirou having any problems getting back to his world, but getting back to the world he's currently in will be difficult with several servants being ready to stop him from paving the way back to his new home with Sakura, so he'll have to to deal with the war and Illya complaining that the house is too small and she wants her to buy games.

I'll admit I don't read almost anything about the fight as I like the character interaction the most, yet thank you for putting so much work into it.

As always, thank you so much for this amazing story.
8/12/2021 c47 Royal.Freshness12345
We finally going home boys and girls lol
8/11/2021 c47 Andaeus
Whoo! This was great to see. And finally, Shirou will be able to return to Sakura-and it's a two-way trip. God, for a real horrible minute there I thought he was going to leave Ilya behind

Also, good luck with the publishing! I'd be willing to read the first few chapters of you're still looking for extra eyes. And please don't let the publishers get you down. Their decisions are more concerned with aligning to their current brand and marketing plans, rather than just the quality of the story.
8/11/2021 c6 AvidReader2425
Thank you for another excellent chapter, with one hell of an introduction of a crazy and unhinged genius
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