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9/24/2021 c47 1chrisdiokno117
While I'n not too familiar with Campione, I gotta say, for a long running fic, in terms of time its time being written, its great
9/23/2021 c47 Yaasir786
GreedyImmortalDemonyoI you have said it all .this story is all about Gudou and Shirou is a side character nothing more nothing Author keeps going on about balance that and too OP this .If you watch or play numerous servant more powerful than this this Shirou is weaker than the UBW . Because the Author is a simp for Gudou plain and may think this story is about Shirou gaining powers and becoming very powerful to fight on par with the beasts I,II or types or the most powerful servant like the grand servant .But NO that's no it. he keeps on getting weaker .this Shirou doesn't even practice his magecraft with fervent as the others (Shirous from different universes) do .which is strange because the Author wrote him in away that he gained the memories from 3 different shirou's and he is STILL is so weak it's disgusting .He was raped, humiliated numerous times and yet the Author gives the bare minimum of yet he keeps talking about Balance and yet Gudou keeps on getting more powerful without getting traumatized physically or mentally .So Author wake up and please for the love of all things just once instead of writing .READ your story and see for it yourself in how you write your story and your Shirou one last thing you have VASTLY UNDERESTIMATED THE COMPIONEVERSE .There are multiple Authorities that can be more powerful than any Noble phantasm and on par with yes a compione can fight a type to a stand is if they have powerful Authorities. The thing about compione is they have the potential to become stronger indefinitely as long as the slay gods or godlike GO AND READ YOUR OWN STORY AUTHOR
9/23/2021 c45 GreedyImmortalDemon
I'm putting it here since I can't put it on chapter 47

Also author, how can you just puke so many words and accomplish nothing? Previous chapter and this one possibly reached 100k words and nothing of significance happen. Godou beat his opponent, and Shirou beat his. You can compress that in 10k words! I'm pretty sure a lot of readers are still hanging on your book because they were expecting Shirou's return to Fate verse. And please don't bring Godou, Shirou would be sideline again I'm sure. And I think there's something you don't understand, having tens of thousands words in one chapter is good IF the plot is actually progressing, but this? It's not a good read, it's freaking annoying. There's so much unnecessary drama, monologue, some stretched paragraphs and words. You could've finished Campione arc in more or less 500k words, but no..you need to add POV of some random character who doesn't even have any impact on the plot, why? For laughs? Well it's not funny!.. And most of all, why does Shirou only got one authority? Yuck. You're nerfing him so bad.

This is a copy/paste comments that pretty muched sums up this enitire arc

Aevun: Last few paragraphs of Shiro's new Authority are literally the only thing preventing this fic from ending in the next chapter. Literally all that shit WILL happen just to drag this on. lmao

Poshmafia94: if your book is like this no wonder your aren't getting traction . literally everything in the last 2 chapters can be summed up as Goudo killed arhimin, Shiro fought Odysseus, and the girls worried bc they cannot fight bc they are weak grilz who can only stand by and watch and worry as their man carries the day...

kinda feel silly for being excited about a 36k chapter. but legit nothing happened.
9/23/2021 c47 GreedyImmortalDemon
Where's the MC!? Why is this side character taking the spotlight!? Bring me Godou! Shirou is lame, give me the chad Godou! Just kill Shirou, no one likes him. He's so pathetic in this story it isn't even funny! Canon Godou is already OP, and he became even more in this fanfic, while Shirou became weaker. Pathetic. Chad Godou for the win.

I'm pretty sure Shirou from "From Fake Dreams" can whoop this Shirou's ass without much trouble. That's just how weak this Shirou is.

Come on author, just kill Shirou already. I mean, he's pretty useless. You've been nerfing him because you don't want him to become too strong...what!? Come on! You've been nerfing Shirou and making Godou OP, in this fanfic i haven't seen Godou struggle at all, he's just getting more and more power while Shirou gets broken and bleeding just to barely win against a god and gain one authority, while Godou has been gaining several.

Author, please, for the love of everything that is holy, please, make Shirou strong. For god sake i can't stand this. Canon Godou is already OP, no need to make him broken. Please, I'm begging you author, make Shirou strong, or at least not struggle too much. Just like Shirou from "In Flight" by the man, the myth, the legend, Gabriel Blessing. Shirou there is not that strong, but at least it doesn't feel like he's going to die in every fight. Gods, I hope you read and consider this.
9/23/2021 c46 GreedyImmortalDemon
" I always planned for him to be the first opponent that Shirou couldn't defeat"


okay, first of all every fight Shirou had he was literally left bleeding, broken, weak, and the only reason why he won is pretty much due to plot armor. Mordred? Shocking. The Arondight actually has a will of its own and it helped him! Venus? Shocking. There's a statue of Sakura in "Unlimited Blade Works" and it broke the spell placed on him, i forgot the rest since I've been skipping Shirou's screen time and find Godou more interesting.

As for those complaining about Shirou having less screen time, back off! This fanfic isn't about Shirou, he's just a side character who gets beaten up every fight! He's like the Genos(OPM) of Godou. He's only there for us to measure the threat level of the villains. And for those complaining that Shirou is too weak, well of course the author doesn't want the side character to out shine Godou the real main character of this fanfic.

"You thought Shirou was the MC, but it was me, Godou!" lol.

Truthfully I've been skipping Shirou's time since I find him boring, Godou's more interesting than him. I mean, the dude got a harem, he's stronger than Shirou, and actually doesn't need plot armor to win since he's strong enough to not need it, unlike Shirou who gets tossed around like kid. Seriously, even with the increase of Authority Shirou doesn't appear to be getting stronger, but weaker.

Author just kill Shirou, he's useless at this point. Oh, and just give Shirou's Curse Authority to Godou before you kill Shirou.

Sigh, this is so freaking frustrating to read.
9/21/2021 c8 Iskallos
Rereading this and I've been looking into Fate more lately, I doubt you care but apparently there's cause to believe Gaia doesn't reject Shirou's projections, instead it's his own view of them as imperfect that causes them to slowly fade away? A mental limitation of sorts that he seems unable to overcome.
9/21/2021 c16 Villiandeku9501
It’s funny how his “bullshit” answer was actually terrifyingly accurate
9/17/2021 c38 Yaasir786
Sorry guys I typed too fast and made so many
grammatical errors and mistakes and also mixed sentences .I am very embarrassed .The point I am trying to make is Shirou has vast potential because as a campione he has reserves that are only rivaled by the gods .He should take on his study of magecraft and strengthen his powers .He can do a lot by studying Runes as I have previously written .But also circumvent the problem with his element and origin by making any magecraft he uses be in the form a sword . That'll be powerful and also the next step to his growing inquiry I have is will the Author give him mystic eyes for example Pure eyes or other variants that has some affinity with his magecraft and unlimited blade works .And the Author should research the Nasuverse and the compioneverse thoroughly .we all know the Nasuverse is vast world compared to the compioneverse but the compione world had Gods who have Authorities that surpasses True magics, even NP like Ea .If you go back to the wiki of kusanagi Gudou he has Authority/Authorities that can affect destiny, fates on the entire parallel universes or the 't underestimate the compioneverse just because the Original write didn't fully explore his Verse .
9/17/2021 c37 Yaasir786
Correct me if I am wrong, don't The Gods & goddesses have something called divine core and that there different level to the campione wiki mentioned that the devil king can increase their immense magical powers simply through rigorous circuits no matter how powerful it's in both quality and quantity won't increase in powers so I'm asking the Author this .How Powerful is Shirou Emiya's powers and will it increase through way you write Shirou's character is brilliant sometimes but other times it leaves much to be desired. Shirou to me is someone who when he Encounters a problem and knows he is weak he tries and trains hard to overcome that obstacle . Shirou is character the Evolves through in whatever conflict C's he finds himself in .He grows both in power ,in character and gains experience .If you need an example look at three fate went from not knowing much about magecraft to being to cast Reality marble all in the span of 2 weeks .No matter what everyone tells me Shirou is a genius to me and if someone put effort to teach him .He would have been powerful. The only thing limiting him is his element and origin. But that can be circumvented by manipulating the magic in the shape of sword .You can make him learn Runes from Tiamat who is goddesses that has Ancient magical that surpasses humanity as whole .He has so much potential . Seeing you take the route so many Authors when writing this character's magical potential it's story as whole can be taken as Giving Shirou all but not have him do anything with what you have provided him with but writing yourself in to give a mystic eyes not powerful one but one like The Pure eyes or fairy eyes Ones that help in information gathering .
9/15/2021 c47 dragonfox123
Amazing and touching chapters and characters development and can’t wait for the next chapter update and shioru and sakura reunited
9/14/2021 c16 hikki08
the author has good writing skills no doubt
BUT what the hell is wrong with author
every fight shirou has to struggle
he feels way out of character
he now can use his noble phantasms unlimitedly
but every fight he has to struggle
he should be way too op but he is nerfed as fucked
and Goudou wtf is wrong with author readers are here to see Shirou not to see goudou's harem and easy going life
Shirou feels like a side character
and chapters are too bloated that u can literally skip chapters
this Shirou doesn't feel like shirou at all
9/14/2021 c47 26Acaykath
I was really expecting Shirou to use that dagger that Odysseus tossed away at some point, either as a sacrifice for his armor, or to deal a final blow.
9/14/2021 c2 Yaasir786
Sorry I was typing too fast that's why I made so many grammatical errors .I hope you understand the point I am trying to point at .I don't have a problem with story . I love the story building. But the way the Author deals with Shirou in putting him through so much crap "for the sake of building his character" is just plain bullshit. Answer me this Author why does Shirou have to bleed, crushed , emotional destroyed and physically raped to get Some character development and also get Powerful but Gudou gets constant power ups without getting through even a moment of hardship the same way as Shirou .
9/13/2021 c42 Yaasir786
The Author doesn't want to make Shirou too "OP" . so he limits the amount of Authority he gets but wanks off Gudou .I means what's the point of having Shirou become a campione giving him vast prana reserves and giving him the possibility of tracing Divine weapons and Yet you don't let him improve in anything he Author weakens Shirou so as to make Gudou a bland stereotypical character you go back and read the fic. Every god Gudou faces ,he slays them with ease compared to Shirou and the Author doesn't have him work for it .Prove me if am wrong but if you go to the wiki of the campione Gudou gains Authorities that can affect a parallel universes .If that's not OP I don't what in All the Author Nerfs Shirou and loves to put Gudou in the spotlight and gives him Powerful Authorities and he doesn't Struggle for it the same way Shirou struggles I mean Really struggle to get those Authorities .The Author devalues his own character (Shirou) and also underestimate s the powers of the campione verse .There Authorities beyond even the Gilgamesh's Ea .Just this once why don't you Author give shirou An Authority or Authorities that's matches perfectly with His Magecraft . Anything that bothered me is That the Author doesn't let Shirou improve in any magecraft like for example learning to master Runes and Anceint primordial Runes .I mean what's Tiamat therefore , she even told Shirou chapters ago that she had Ancient knowledge in magic. And despite that, the Author didn't take advantage of his on writing .So tell me guys is this story worth reading. If the Author severely limits his Own character growth in power.
9/12/2021 c47 WindbornesWord
Finally got around to reading the last two chapters. I sincerely hope you update a bit more frequently in the future. You ended on one hell of a cliffhanger after all. But they were fun chapters nonetheless.
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