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9/4/2021 c23 Raging Drake
9/4/2021 c20 scyfly
you really really need to learn when to use comma's,mits freakjng annoying
9/4/2021 c22 Raging Drake
I wanna see age bolg in action!
9/4/2021 c21 Raging Drake
Shirou got laid,Nice
9/4/2021 c20 Raging Drake
I wonder how shirou’s UBW had been affected
9/4/2021 c20 Raging Drake
Now I’m curious what shirou planned
9/4/2021 c17 Raging Drake
Yay,Sakura isn’t depressed
9/4/2021 c14 Raging Drake
The banquet will be very entertaining
9/4/2021 c13 Raging Drake
Did shirou not get any new authorities from The god abomination?
9/4/2021 c13 Raging Drake
Sooo,Has the hero’s bride taken effect on Guinevere?
9/3/2021 c13 scyfly
finally some real progress, still slow but at least enjoyable
9/3/2021 c9 Raging Drake
Omfg,did not expect Heracles nor mordred
9/3/2021 c12 scyfly
why would you write this if shirou does no add anything other then perhaps a different pov? that sounds about as silly as those stories that the movies of their own lives
9/3/2021 c11 scyfly
shirou getting caught in sun wukongs trap is beyond lame. DYNAMIC ENTRY! oh shit this is quick sand alright no sense in fighting im out
9/3/2021 c10 scyfly
because of how long it is, following the fights is rather hard not to mention it looses a lot of its mementum by the time the actually do fight
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