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for Yam Kipper Surprise

2/9/2021 c1 53Dp-Marvel94
I really like Jack's internal conflict here. Great story.
11/23/2018 c1 9JH24
This is such a wonderful piece. I love how you're showing us an insight into Jack's character. I especially loved the part with the Garden of Gethsemane; a moment that illustrated the core of Jack's struggle. it really made me think and it connects it all together in this powerful one-shot.

I really like how you showed a more serious side of Jack's character yet it feels so natural and totally like him. Love how you sprinkled it with some goofy moments inbetween. Jack thinking yam kippers made me laugh.

Sam's appearance was nice too, and I liked how you showed more of the Jewish religion and her background. It was very interesting to learn more about Yom Kippur and fasting.

You have an amazing writingstyle. I really enjoyed how you gave us an insight in Jack's character and perspective. Beautifully written. Thank you for sharing this wonderful piece with us all.
4/30/2013 c1 26JuneLuxray2
Just letting you know, It's Yom Kippur, not Yam Kipper.
11/14/2012 c1 195sapphireswimming
Hmm. I must know all reformed Jews, then, because I've only ever heard it referred to as Temple... and the synagogue, of course. Interesting. Well thank you for enlightening me on the differences there.

I really enjoyed how you were able to transition from Sam's taking a break from Yom Kippur (ha, her wild and rebellious streak shows itself yet again!) and wanting to check on Danny to explaining the entire reasoning behind Jack and Vlad's relationship as it ended up. That was really well done.

And it's always fun to see what people's ideas are about their estrangement after Vlad's incident and how everything played out. I like the idea that Jack would have tried to contact Vlad but have been officially rebuffed and discouraged from trying again. That makes a lot of sense and seems to be in keeping with both of their characters.

He would turn it into a joke about food too, wouldn't he? This was very funny and yet touching and somber at the same time. Congratulations for finding that balance. I thought this turned out really well. :)

9/28/2012 c1 31NebulousMistress
Hee. I love how Jack gets the name wrong.

Wonderful introspection. You manage to make Jack realize he's been an idiot without making him into a callous idiot (like I do) or make him suddenly gain social competency.

I particularly like the comparison of ecto-energies to neutrinos. Heh, you figured there's a reason they're called "ghost particles" didn't you...
9/28/2012 c1 28Fluehatraya
I want yams now.

It's nice to see another fic of a Jewish holiday from you.
9/28/2012 c1 144Invader Johnny
I will say that Jack here was a very serious individual and while such moments are rare, no one can deny that the man is no fool, if anything he seems to hide the guilt he bears with childish antics.

Invader Johnny Signing Off.
9/28/2012 c1 16truephan
MsFrizzle: I absolutely love the dynamics of this story!

First of all, it's about Jack and far too many people ignore him (and Tucker for that matter) and don't think he's an important character in the DP universe. I also don't like to see him treated only as a buffoon. He has shown his ability to be serious, protective and even heroic (like in 'Million Dollar Ghost' and 'Girls Night Out' and even in snippets of 'Bitter Reunions'). He has also shown himself to be a pretty nasty person to contend with like in the episode "Masters of all Time". Not to mention that he hunts ghosts without hesitation, which takes a bit of courage in my opinion.

So, I loved the fact that you showed the more serious side of Jack here and that he DOES think of things. Some of his points about how he acted with Vlad was very interesting and showed some wonderful insight into his character. I also like the comparison you used (Garden of Gethsemane) to illustrate to point and being put to the test and failing. Good job with that.

The other thing I liked in here is that even though you show Jack and his angsty side, you also keep him in character and sprinkled some of his goofiness in there just so that we wouldn't go down into the muck-and to keep him very much in character. After all, he IS still goofy underneath all that muscle and along with that serious, pensive and even courageous side. Kudos on that feat, since it is tricky to do!

I have no problems with the religious references and thought they were well-balanced with the rest of the story. The note about what the different sects of Jews call their place of worship was very interesting.

Great job! I really liked this story! truephan

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