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11/3/2012 c4 Dreaming101
Damn... drama... love it. Can't wait to see more!
11/3/2012 c3 Dreaming101
great job on this!
11/2/2012 c4 11AnimeBabe33.1
Honest feedback the 1st 2nd chapters were a bit boring to read :/ but you really stepped it up :) i love chapter 4 hopefully rukia can make that date 2 ;o will ichigo find out ;)
11/2/2012 c4 DinieLuvYunho
Geez Rukia, that is harsh you know but im glad you said that so now you have that guilty feeling in you and will do anything he says just to get his apologize right hehe.. n.n
11/1/2012 c4 27kirune12
Ohh, that lemonish part was soooo DAMN GOOD :D
And about his mother - Great, Rukia. It was really smart.
Ohh update ASAP !
bye byye !
11/1/2012 c4 1yagami rin
Yay! :) Nice chap...I love ichi he's sooo sweet. But rukia is so mean with him ;-( let them go to italy!
10/30/2012 c4 Cisusi
The ending! Oh no, this is just one giant misunderstand gone wrong. The communication wasn't intentionally supposed to be insulting on Ichigo's part, I feel that he is just so used to being correct and getting what he wants. And that is just in Rukia's personality to retaliate when an idea isn't exactly to her liking. But I hope the quarrelsome couple fixes up their issues soon, and that apologies are said. The end with Ichigo's mother though, was just a bit harsh but Rukia didn't know she was dead and I can see that she is feeling remorse.

I hope Rukia agrees to go to Italy with Ichigo and Karin. Oh and just one random question, why isn't Yuzu in this story. Is that going to be something that is a back story, kind of like Ichigo's mom or is it just because you don't want Yuzu in the story. Either way it is good.

Great job with this chapter, I can't wait to read the next. Just keep up the good work :)
10/30/2012 c4 MugetsuIchigo
More! Update! Update! UPDATE!X3
10/30/2012 c4 Crystalline Arch
he didn't mean to insult her nor she din't mean to insult his mother. I hope they'll fix it immediately...
10/30/2012 c4 Guest
Wow...he's like her very much, yet she didn't relize how precious she is to him. Rukia definitely must apologize... it's just miss communication...
10/27/2012 c3 27kirune12
OOOHHHhohwhoaaahhh ,, hell yeah ! I Soo HOPE THEY WILL FALL INLOVE WITH EACH OTHER XDD update ASAP !
10/25/2012 c3 Cisusi
Even though the lemon scene is a tad early for the story, I still like it. I can for sure see the story grow and expand from this point, and truly thinking about it... this is a good place for the lemon. It kinda shows how the relationship between Ichigo and Rukia is just based off of lust, not love attached. But - hopefully - as time goes on they come to terms with one another, gain that basic mutual agreement that Ichigo and Rukia always seem to make and fall in love in the end. So I like the lemon. All in all I like the plot line and where the story might be headed!

Also great story, you have such a sophisticated writing style its kinda hard not to like this story. Just a truly great job.

Great chapter, awesome story! Your writing is great, just keep up the amazing job :)
10/25/2012 c3 6lcbeastly
really kwel! i can't wait for the succeeding chapters.
hope you keep writing.


10/24/2012 c3 4teshichan
So this is why you revised the previous chapter 2. I like how you divided it into two chappies. You managed to somewhat build their relationship more than it just being too casual. Now i find it more believable if something develops out from this. Hope you update soon!

Oh yeah, how old is karin here? ;)
10/24/2012 c3 15Winter Blaze
Ok, so there are some words that need to be added,and fixed but over all i enjoyed this chapter, much better! Good job. And i loved the line, " pay backs a bitch" it was funny and gross! And i liked how you can write in 3rd person so well.
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