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10/3/2012 c3 fred249
it's short but i like it

I found it cute when Emily opened the door where Myka was leaning on and felt back, and she couldn't help but let out a giggle made Myka blushed :) If they have that scene on the show i doubt i could wipe the big smile off my face :p

i'm glad they become friends :)
10/2/2012 c1 krysolsen
I am really enjoying this. Is it wrong to be impatient for more? ;)
10/2/2012 c3 LOCISVU
I'm glad that Myka is getting to be friends with Emily.
10/1/2012 c2 LOCISVU
I like this!
9/30/2012 c2 fred249
ooww..this is good! so that was not Janus coin then, i wonder :)

very interesting, so Myka has to make Helena remember herself, is that means while returning Helena's memory Myka will get to know more about Emily?! (high tension here :p) you can't blame me we don't know much about Emily except she's a nice teacher and is a cat lady :)

i'm sorry for Emily, its like they don't care about her just Helena, though she's an imprinted personality :(

well i like your story whatever it is and i enjoyed it. looking forward for the next
9/30/2012 c2 MiDushiNoSushi
Damn... myka was a bit callous to have that discussion with emily present. Hopefully th e'er y won't forget that she's a being with rights of her own.. it's a tricky situation; i can't wait to see how u resolve it.
9/30/2012 c2 Adriana Maria
Emily is such a good story to explore, I don't understand I people don't write about it a lit bit more. So I love that you are doing it, and pretty well I must say. Can't wait for more interaction between emily/hg and myka.
9/29/2012 c1 fred249
great for opening
so you make it different from the show..can't wait for the next! :) hope there will more myka & hg moment. coz in the show they didn't show much about myka struggle with hg but apparantly not hg.
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