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4/4/2013 c7 4Ferdawg
good chapter... i enjoyed reading it, and i find it all interesting the choices you have made thus far. question for you that you can fix, explain , what ever. why is it that Naruto can hear the Basilisk, and harry can't? i mean harry had the abilities to talk, and understands snakes. thanks to voldywarts... so please explain to me WTF is going on with the switch between the two. i would understand, if it was something to do with Kyuubi, of if volodywarts didn't transfer enough power or soul into harry for him to get that ability. please explain or fix it for me please... other than that i loved the chapter and have enjoyed the story to great lengths.
3/27/2013 c2 FJ
loving the story so far, the added spin with naruto works well.
3/27/2013 c7 Arkhen
there are few things wrong with this chapert man... first how did naruto gain parseltongue ability ( he is a muggle-born)...second harry has parseltongue how did he not hear the basalisk...even if we assume naruto somehow gained parseltongue it still doesnt expalin how harry doesnt hear the basalisk... oh and have your read the books most of the cannon plot and speech is from the movie, the books contain some good parts not shown in the movie it will be nice to add them like for example the quiddich parts... only one game is mentioned in the 1st year...oh and this is not in this chapter but the thing strikes me as odd how did naruto get a time-turner for hermione those are heavily regulated by the ministry if they weren't dont you think the bad guys would use them...
3/21/2013 c7 2GerG SnamrekcotS
3/20/2013 c7 SecondSin
its pretty good so far, cant wait for you to update
3/20/2013 c6 2Reclusive Dork
Can I submit a first-year Griffindor Student?

His name is Rayd Manobach. He has messy dark red hair and strong obsidian black eyes, as well as a proud, but not arrogant, expression.

He's a very loyal boy, and he won't ever give up unless it's the right thing to do. he'll always do the right thing.

His wand was made not by ollivander, but by his mother, who was taught wand making by her own mother. A Dragon horn wand with a core consisting of a strand of Runite ore, this wand was made with one inherited material and one harvested material. (Dragon horn can only be carved once after the dragon has passed away, and once they have been, you can't stop for even an hour or it will harden. some horns are flexible, some are not, but dragon horn is a very good wand material. priceless wands, because it's considered a waste, but it's a good material.) The wand wasn't made as well as ollivander could have made it, but still well made. I think Naruto's wand is more dangerous.

Anyways, his 'pet'(magical animal partner) is a sleek Ruby-clawed Mongoose(the claws do not shed). A Ruby-clawed mongoose has sleek black fur and jeweled red claws. they are a natural enemy to all magical snakes, and are often found making Pacts with Silver-winged Falcons to benefit both sides. the mongoose is a popular partner to wizards who enjoy the wild, as they are quick, smart, and strong, and they have a good tracking sense. to bond with a mongoose, you must raise it from childhood. as i said before, their claws do not shed, and are not actually ruby anyways, just a similarly colored stone, Sanguite(a very magical compound that, when crushed[do not declaw your mongoose!] will come up with many different effects concerning the body's blood).

His father gave him Faust(the mongoose) for his fifth birthday. he then dropped him off in the woods and left him there.
3/20/2013 c5 Reclusive Dork
news flash, The endless sandwiches are the result of House-elves working in the kitchen.

3/16/2013 c1 EndGame666
A good start. Like you gave Naruto his own part and not just overtake or tack him onto Harry's. One thing I did not like was Harry's meeting Ginny. The reason for this is because I strongly dislike it when the author bashes us over the head with what ever concept(in this case pairing(potentially)) they are going with. It's like a bad Naru/Hina fic when the author has Naruto proclaim his love within 5min of talking to her when he was currently a raving Sakura fanboy. If you want to move the pairing along faster than what JK did or without the fumbling around, you could have built it up over the summer/following years. Let's face it no boy is that developed at the time and no girl is attractive enough to be blush on sight at that age.
3/7/2013 c7 Guest
nice story well it involves the events from the books but try to make your story a bit more but if you like it the way you wrote i don't mind
3/4/2013 c7 powermachine79
Nice story can't wait to
2/25/2013 c4 7Light Lord Cybergate
The red Deaths in town... may be good...but she makes killing look easy.
2/25/2013 c3 Light Lord Cybergate
Something tells me Konoha is not one of the big 5 anymore...
With 80 of its population would be lucky if it could still be called a minor village.
Orochi must be laughing himself to death right now..
...or maybe not seeing as this probably means Sasuke also bit the dust.
2/19/2013 c7 Guest
I really want to know what happends next so please update
2/18/2013 c7 Guest
DON'T STOP POSTING NEW CHAPTERS I REALLY WANT TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT! even-though i saw most of the harry potter movies.
2/18/2013 c6 Guest
it's always the fan girls but hey that people in life you know. and i really don't like Lockhart to cocky with no really skill. (my opinion)
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