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for Because They're Family

9/21/2013 c1 15Nerdyduckrants
lovely view into miles' head
4/5/2013 c1 25Valantha
Nice inner monologue.
11/6/2012 c1 32Dark-Supernatural-Angel
Fantastic job in adding Miles' thoughts to the initial meeting. Nicely done!
10/3/2012 c1 241Harpiebird
Perfect! :)
9/28/2012 c1 153IronAmerica
I don't have much to say on this topic, but I really like how you wrote the story. Your voice as Miles is pretty good. I enjoyed reading how he interacted with Charlie, and why he went with her.

Sadly, you may be right about Danny. :\ Of course, the asthma probably would have killed him soon anyways...*

My only issue with the story is that some of the lines could have been coupled together as paragraphs, instead of being on their lonesomes. And that this story only has one chapter, but that's what sequels are for. :D (Or even more writing, right?)

Lovely story all the same.


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