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12/23/2016 c53 Raven J. Haile
Poor Lore, I mean I know he is kinda an asset but Anna was good for him. I do so hope they have a good ending when I read the sequel. :3
11/16/2016 c21 2theworldastage
Intense! Fantastic job on all the action in this story.
11/16/2016 c15 theworldastage
Data and Anna finally talk!
11/16/2016 c11 theworldastage
I like seeing Lore and Anna's relationship building, such as this interaction while she's helping him.
11/16/2016 c8 theworldastage
All I have to say is, Lore's frustration is amusing :)
11/16/2016 c5 theworldastage
Fantastic job on the hearing. Great nod to history with including Devin (I just saw 3x08 the other day!). All the pieces and motivations fell together perfectly, and the buildup to the ultimate surprise at the end was great.
11/16/2016 c3 theworldastage
(It took some time, but I finally came back to read this story!)

In this chapter, I like how you lay out the science and, for lack of a better term, "psychology" of characters and the situation. Nice job!
3/30/2016 c40 50Just 2 Dream of You
This was great!
3/29/2016 c4 Just 2 Dream of You
This is actually quite excellent :) Hope you haven't left the fandom!
11/21/2015 c1 2theworldastage
I wanted to say it is absolutely awesome that you are writing Lore! You stories are on my list to read when I get a chance - and I am very excited. Looking forward to it :)
8/26/2015 c53 16QueenNaberrie
BRAVO! I really enjoyed this story. It's so well written. Lore progressive change was perfect. I'm glad that Data and Lore also were able to start having more of a brotherly relationship. At least it was starting to head in that direction.

Poor Anna. I hope she finds out the truth in the sequel. Reading on...
9/13/2014 c53 ClockworkScales
I'm not sure why you felt the need to repeat the final chapters in broken up form, it's not like I was going to reread the same passages again. In all honesty I felt the end was a bit lacklustre, despite being accurate - as far as speculation goes for what Lore would have done.

That aside, I really enjoyed this story. You built the relationship between Lore and Anna very well and although I understand Reed had to be single minded to get where he was, he felt a bit one dimensional at times - not your fault, just a character thing.

My favorite chapter was when Anna was fixing Lore's arm after he protected her from the ship. The sexual tension could be felt from a mile away (or through the internet). Anyway, well done! You write very well.
1/16/2014 c53 SigmaBlackSheep
I'll keep it short and sweet: Ascent I is a fanfic *GEM*. Rarely do we see writers stay so true to the characters. This compares to Gina L. Dartt's substantial and excellent work around ST:VOY! But the best was finding out that Ascent II and III have already been published. Because, though a strong Data fan, Lore has definitely been growing on me! Thank you SO MUCH Lydia Gastrell!
6/16/2013 c17 Tenderfoots
Oooooh, maaaaaaan! This is amazing! I adore this! I'm like, spazzing out over here!
6/16/2013 c31 Atomic struck'ya
Go Lore! :) Larson had it coming! Great writing, you've turned one of the villains of TNG into a likeable character whilst retaining his correct personality traits.
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