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for Deadliest Warrior - Season H

9/10/2021 c52 9Its Rice Man
I decided to come back and reread the whole thing and damn.. dude I really miss this story this is the one that made me want to write on FF. Don't leave us all hanging any longer!
3/4/2020 c41 eif
1/31/2020 c1 hyen34
again it's me i go one more zootopia fight. it will be zootopia police department and mr big's mafia ageist a band of stone cold killer somali pirates 10 armed pirates vs five zpd officer and five mafia polar bears that will work together to defeat the pirates the pirate will be using ak's pkm's rpg's and of course the zpd will fight with the remington 870 the m9 and some flashbangs and the mafia will willed the ak74 carbine the tokarev tt33 and the rgd 5 frag grenade and that's it
12/8/2019 c43 J.P. Smith
Excuse me, i don't agree. Navy S.E.A.L.s are more way better than Spetsnaz, in my opinion. Can you please explain?
12/8/2019 c42 Xia Lin Yun
I would like to say why would the R.A.I.D. win? the S.W.A.T. was definitely better.
10/12/2018 c17 IWANTIT
Next time, let it be a Celt vs Ninja!
5/20/2018 c9 Guest
This match wasn't even fair
5/20/2018 c29 Guest
Nice, nice, but wouldn't Nobunaga realistically carry around a few matchlocks?
3/23/2018 c52 Its Rice Man
You're not a as usual my guy, can't wait to see how you do Spetsnaz vs. SAS.

If I may I'd love to see you try out more organized crime group fights

Yakuza vs. Hells Angels
Kkangpae vs. Triads
Russian Bratva vs. Los Zetas

These all seem viable and I'd love to see how these go down if you give them a shot!
3/18/2018 c52 MKDemiGodzilla-Warrior
Great match as usual, but why did you give the Mutual the Katar instead of the Bichuwa?
2/27/2018 c19 Guest
Suleiman The Magnificent vs Ivan The Terrible
2/8/2018 c51 Guest
Spartan vs Rajput
Imperial Japan vs Nazi Germany
Red Army vs Marine Raiders
Knight vs Mughal Warrior
Aztec Warrior vs Inca Warrior
Russian Streltsy vs Ottoman Janissary
Sikh Warrior vs Spartan
Hannibal Barca vs King Leonidas
Landsknecht Dopplesoldner vs Minutemen
George Patton vs Alvin York
Samurai vs Ming Warrior
Vlad the Impaler vs William Wallace
Ivan the Terrible vs William the Conqueror
Delta Force vs Kommando Spezialkräfte
1/15/2018 c2 21francisthewitcher
You sir, have great ideas than the producers of that show. Seriously, if you have work there maybe you would make Deadliest Warrior the best tv show.
12/11/2017 c51 60D.J. Scales
Well done. That was a good redemption match.
9/22/2017 c49 DWFreak123
Hey Guest, you do realize that the Americans you want to win are the KKK, right? Besides, while yes, I don't like the Pre-Nazis, at least they are more organized than the KKK, who are just a mob of angry racist men.
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