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for Deadliest Warrior - Season H

9/29/2012 c1 7deadliestfan
Damn I failed to get to you in time! Oh well it was a great battle man, and though I think things would have changed in that squad format here I can fully understand it. You put a lot of detail in this, and that is what made it awesome.

Oh and the Knight is going to win it next time. The show got the knight completely wrong; Plate armor is much more mobile than one would think, the mail/plate combo is going to be night impossible to penetrate and though the Knight's weapons are going to have trouble getting through samurai armor the morning star and Halberd are going to be enough.
9/29/2012 c1 10DeadAliveManiac
Very nice work, I love the final battle, effin' epic! Keep it up man, you did fantastic!
9/28/2012 c1 8Cloud Link Zero
Oh hell yes. I love this show and I know you'll do it justice.

As for chapter 2, my money is on the Samurai. They may have weaker armor, but they have weapons that can easily go through a Knights plate mail and they have more maneuverability while the knights are...rather clunky in full getup. Another plus is that they do know different styles of fighting to deal with different situations that they might end up in.

A suggestion for a matchup...how about Celtic warriors vs...I dunno, Alexander the great's army or something. The guy himself was in the show, but not his actual warriors. Ancient Celtic warriors also didn't appear in the show, so it'd be something new.
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