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for Deadliest Warrior - Season H

2/14/2015 c38 2Hazzamo
Highlanders always win mate, The intimidation alone caused battle hardened english men to flee, also the claymore is the best sword ever for a reason
2/13/2015 c38 4Harbingers of NEVEC
Nice battle, that was brutal and gory can't wait to whats to come
1/28/2015 c10 Levi Sturos
I like it a lot
1/19/2015 c37 16Zivon96
If you're looking for someone to put against British Regulars, you could use the Swedish Caroleans, the literally fearless company of Swedish soldiers who dominated the Great Northern War.
1/16/2015 c37 MKDemiGodzilla-Warrior
How about Taliban vs Khmer Rouge, American soldiers of the War of 1812 vs Napoleonic Infantrymen, Rough Riders vs French Poilu, and/or Nazi Waffen SS vs South Korean soldiers during the Korean War?
1/16/2015 c37 4Harbingers of NEVEC
For the next fight it's crucial to remember that Qin was insane while Ashurbanipal focused on one goal conquer Babylon
1/15/2015 c36 Guest
I am an Australian aboriginal and still fish with a spear and woomera. I rarely miss landing head shots every time. I rarely miss with a boomerang also. But my elders were better. It's not easy to stalk a kangaroo or emu, both are very alert and very fast. If he could stalk and hit these speedster the Hawaiian is nothing. They mostly carried. more than one spear as well as a boomerang under their hair belt. He would not miss have killed him on the first throw, if not the second. A boomerangs curve is the same as on a plane's wing they have the same kind of lift and can fly further than a hand spear and crack skulls or break bones. This would have come next. The aborigine has great stealth and could silently stalk him without him knowing. The greater range of his weapons would have been dead before he knew what was going on. Don't forget the only way the aboriginal man survived was hunting, not farming like islanders. Which also made him fitter. He was more skilled with his weapons as they were his tools for his very survival. Aborigines also sorted out problems with one on one spear fights and foug
12/7/2014 c3 9Grilin
Slight problem, the poison is useless in a single battle. It takes 4-24 hours to get a kill.
12/3/2014 c36 4Harbingers of NEVEC
Grant versus Taylor can't wait to see you're version of that battle, as for this battle it was closer then I expected considering the Koa were all out killers while the Aborigines were pacifists. With the Germanic Ghost Warrior versus Cheyenne Dog Soldier; I'm betting on the Dog Soldier
11/12/2014 c35 Harbingers of NEVEC
Awesome battle I was really thinking the Jaguar would win then I read the battle and halfway through I changed my vote, great job Longbowman for the WIN!
10/27/2014 c34 9Poseidon Productions
I got to say I'm impressed with how this story has turned out. I think you far surpassed mine and many other writers out there.

Can't wait to see the next match up, I think the English Longbowman will take this
10/26/2014 c34 MKDemiGodzilla-Warrior
I am pretty sure the English Longbowmand would win the next match.
10/26/2014 c34 16Zivon96
Personally, I would have used an earlier Legionnaire for this battle because they have the better armour with the Lorica Segmentata, and the better blade with the Gladius. The only other complaint I can really think of is that I would have made this a squad battle, because that's what the Romans did best.
But then again, these are just personal opinion. The chapter was really well written and the battle, as always, was a joy to read. I look forward to more to come.
10/26/2014 c34 4Harbingers of NEVEC
Great battle this battle doesn't seem to similar then to the Centurion vs Rajput though I expected it to be a squad on squad battle considering they both conquered with armies.
10/26/2014 c34 Zelda maniac 23
A good matchup, if you ask me. Reminds me of the Roman Centurion vs Rajput matchup from season 2.
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